Using CentralReach’s next-generation APIs, CentralReach and Simple Fractal partner to offer secure, best-in-class RPA services to automate and innovate critical workflows within the leading Autism and IDD Care platform.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (March 21st, 2024) – CentralReach, the leading provider of Autism and IDD Care Software for ABA and multi-disciplinary practices, announced the creation of the CR Preferred Partner Network today with Simple Fractal, a leading service provider in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for the healthcare industry, becoming the first preferred partner in the network. This collaboration aims to reshape the landscape of therapy operations, particularly in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), by combining the power of CentralReach’s leading Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and practice management solution for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and related services with the pioneers in RPA. The partnership will provide CentralReach customers with scalable, secure, and innovative RPA services from the only approved vendor to date to expand capacity for providers operating in the space. 


The news comes one month after the launch of the company’s next-generation APIs which enable customers to connect CentralReach with a variety of key third-party systems in a secure and approved way. The new APIs were designed with enhanced security protocols to safeguard customer information from emerging threats and vulnerabilities, improved speed and efficiency, full transparency with built-in error checking and queuing, and comprehensive developer documentation support to make workflow innovation between systems simpler than ever before. 


Using CentralReach’s next-generation APIs, Simple Fractal’s RPA technology automates and enhances workflows within EMRs, eliminating human error and enabling therapy providers to achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency, accuracy, and scalability. By harnessing the power of bots, ABA therapy providers can optimize their operations, allowing them to focus more on delivering high-quality care to their clients. 


"ABA providers face dual challenges of rapidly expanding to meet the growing need for ABA and multi-disciplinary services while also increasing margins as they scale, which is no easy feat.  While the CentralReach platform enables them to successfully navigate this complexity in a way that’s unparalleled in the market, we recognize that our largest clients need enhanced interoperability and automated workflow tools, like RPA, to bolster the embedded functionality and workflows, and while there are a number of vendors providing unsupported, makeshift solutions for clients, we felt like we needed to launch a preferred partner network to help clients find vendors approved by CentralReach to provide solutions that they can trust,”  said CentralReach CEO, Chris Sullens. "This is why we are so excited to join forces with Simple Fractal to bring the benefits of robotic process automation to our customer base in a vetted and secure way.  By integrating Simple Fractal's smart bot solutions with our EMR software, we can empower ABA therapy providers to streamline their non-clinical tasks, such as billing, compliance, and scheduling, allowing them to serve more clients effectively. By using our next-generation, fully-supported APIs, they can futureproof these critical workflow automations, securely connect with the CentralReach platform and scale their services for customers." 


Simple Fractal offers both turnkey and custom digital labor solutions tailored to the unique needs of ABA providers of all sizes. Their turnkey solutions provide immediate efficiency gains with minimal investment, enabling therapy practices to enhance their operations quickly. For those seeking strategic advancement, Simple Fractal also offers custom bot solutions designed to scale alongside the growth of the ABA provider.

"CentralReach is the leading software in the autism and IDD care space and the only solution offering secure and scalable access through its APIs, which is why we are so excited to be the first partner in their Preferred Partner Network," said Henry Xie, Founder & CEO of Simple Fractal.

"We worked closely with CentralReach to provide input as they developed their recently launched next-generation APIs and believe they provide a level of interoperability, security, transparency and control that is unparalleled in the market" said Henry Xie, Founder & CEO of Simple Fractal.

By integrating our advanced technology and domain expertise with their market leading system, clients using our combined technology can unlock the full potential of their business, driving up margins while expanding care in a quality way. Our partnership with CentralReach will enable therapy practices to seamlessly integrate customizable automation for billing, scheduling, compliance, and other essential support functions, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional care to more families in need." 


While Simple Fractal is the first preferred partner, the company also works with a number of other vendors to offer CentralReach customers other resources to power their practices and schools. Learn more about partnerships at CentralReach at


About Simple Fractal 

Simple Fractal is the leading automation provider for the autism and IDD space, recognized for their domain expertise and long-lasting solutions. Their deep collaboration with top ABA providers has cultivated deep operational insights, uniquely positioning Simple Fractal to implement and automate best practices in billing, scheduling, compliance, and other essential support functions. On a mission to elevate human work, Simple Fractal empowers providers to delegate routine tasks to digital labor, enabling staff to focus on impactful work. Learn more at and follow them on LinkedIn.  

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