Fort Lauderdale, FL – December 13, 2021 – CentralReach, the leading provider of electronic medical record (EMR) software and services for ABA and related behavioral health providers, today announced the acquisition of ABA Tools, the leading software provider of digital materials for applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy providers. The acquisition adds to CentralReach’s suite of end-to-end solutions and provides ABA organizations with an alternative to paper-based learning materials, which are heavily used today.


Mapped directly to the ABLLS-R assessment, ABA Tools offers a diverse array of relevant images designed to promote verbal behavior in individuals with a developmental disability such as autism spectrum disorder. The company’s innovative applied behavior analysis digital materials can be used in a classroom, home, or other educational setting in place of traditional flashcards. Utilizing the digital learning materials developed by ABA Tools eliminates the need for ABA practitioners to source, maintain, and organize physical materials used during therapy, thus allowing the therapist to focus on the learner, not the materials. ABA Tools’ customizable apps can also help streamline the data collection process when being used with a child.


“We are thrilled to welcome the ABA Tools team and its co-founders, Patrick Roper and Ryan Capehart, to CentralReach,” said CentralReach CEO Chris Sullens. “Learning is a critical step in improving outcomes for children on the autism spectrum. What Patrick and Ryan have built offers valuable resources for BCBAs, therapists, and parents who need a variety of accessible photos across function, feature, and class to teach verbal behavior skills that strengthens communication, independence, and connectedness. The addition of ABA Tools will enable us to better serve the needs of children on the autism spectrum and the clinical professionals who are tasked with improving learning outcomes for this group.”


Roper, who will assume the position of Senior Instructional Designer, at CentralReach, describes the acquisition as a win-win for the autism therapy provider market. “Adding ABA Tools’ customizable digital learning resources to CentralReach’s industry-leading suite of EMR, practice management and clinical solutions will truly be a difference maker for ABA therapists and parents who turn to digital materials to help promote verbal learning in autistic children. CentralReach is the perfect fit to introduce our digital learning tool to the larger ABA market.”


This marks the eighth acquisition that CentralReach has made in the past two years and the sixth acquisition to support its investment in its clinical suite including the acquisition of ABLLS-R to provide a fully-integrated skills-based system of assessment, curriculum, and tracking and Avail Support to provide assistive technology with the capability to accelerate the care plan by digitally supporting and reinforcing an individual’s clinical care plan outside of the in-person sessions.

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