In the fast-paced Applied behavior analysis (ABA) field, professionals know firsthand the importance of efficiency. High-quality client care depends on streamlined workflows that reduce time and allow for an enhanced focus on the best possible outcomes. Working out of one system enables organizations to connect the dots in their clinical workflows, from scheduling to data collection, session notes, and more.


BCBAs, supervisors, and behavior technicians are the heart of an ABA organization. Providing technology that optimizes their workflows facilitates their ability to do their job well and drive client success. Read on to learn more about the benefits of adopting a unified system for all aspects of ABA service delivery.

Benefits for BCBAs and Supervisors 

Busy behavior analysts are often responsible for juggling many responsibilities, from supervision and case oversight to parent training, treatment planning, and more. Managing each of these workflows in the same system increases efficiency and saves supervisors vital time, allowing them to focus more on directly managing client care, thus improving outcomes. 

Some of the benefits of working out of one system for behavior analysts and supervisors include:

  • Streamlined report writing– Writing treatment plans and reports is a common challenge behavior analysts grapple with. These tasks can take up a great deal of time that could be better spent on direct client care and case oversight. One of the most time-consuming aspects of report writing involves pulling data from multiple sources–progress data, graphs, client demographic information, and more. The required information is often in separate locations from various spreadsheets, software, or even paper data sheets. With CentralReach’s notes and forms, supervisors can save hours by automatically pulling necessary information into the document without scrambling through multiple systems.
  • Seamless session note review and analysis– An all-in-one practice management and clinical software allows for the integration of session notes and clinical data. With this integration, CentralReach’s session notes automatically pull in the learner’s behavior and skill acquisition data for that session. This is beneficial for behavior analysts to gain a quick overview of the client’s daily progress. It also provides funding sources what they need to see without RBTs manually transcribing the data.
  • Real-time authorization tracking– Authorized hours impact the level of care ABA professionals provide for their clients. Staying on top of authorization usage is vital for maintaining the level of care as prescribed and recommended. Real-time authorization tracking lets supervisors monitor their clients’ authorizations closely to plan while scheduling. This is essential for avoiding under- or over-utilizing, both of which can cause challenges during re-authorizations. As sessions are scheduled, canceled, and completed, the authorization report automatically updates to reflect these changes.
  • Increased efficiency in training BTs– Training new behavior technicians (BTs) can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, working within a single system for scheduling new technicians, assigning training, and more, streamlines the process. This increased efficiency means clients begin receiving care significantly quicker than they would otherwise.
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Benefits for RBTs 

Behavior technicians benefit significantly from working out of a single system as well. Behavior technicians and other direct staff continue to have the highest turnover rates, upwards of 65% (BHCOE, 2023). Streamlined processes make RBTs’ jobs easier so they can focus more on quality care and client engagement.


  • Simplified access– With a single login, behavior technicians are granted access to all necessary resources, including data sheets, session notes, required training, and more. This unified approach means less time spent navigating multiple logins and software systems. With CentralReach’s ABA data collection software, behavior technicians can log in on mobile devices, allowing them to input data and review client information on the go, increasing flexibility and accessibility.
  • Seamless session note writing– When it comes to direct ABA therapy sessions, time is of the essence. Behavior technicians often have minimal time to complete documentation. CentralReach’s notes and forms make this process seamless, directly integrating notes and clinical data. With the click of a button, RBTs can pull in a session summary with goal data from that session for accurate and simple session verification. Collecting data and writing notes all in one place saves time, allowing quick submission of session notes. When RBTs run out of time during a fast-paced session, they also have the option to complete their notes later, allowing them to get to their next client on time. 

Using an All-In-One Solution Improves Outcomes

Embracing an all-in-one system for BCBAs, supervisors, and RBTs amplifies efficiency and can, therefore, increase job satisfaction and client outcomes. Simplify your workflows with CentralReach. Learn more about the benefits of an all-in-one system.


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