Recognizing Exceptional Impact: CentralReach Autism and IDD Care Awards

Congratulations to this year’s honorees for the outstanding care and impact that they have made on the autism and IDD community.

Honorees are making an impact in all settings
and sectors of Autism and IDD Care.

Danielle Cohen

Executive Clinical Director
Under Danielle's stewardship, AAI has become a model of empowerment for the autistic individuals it serves, illustrating the transformative power of her leadership. Her relentless drive, tireless dedication, and unyielding commitment to excellence make her truly deserving of recognition.

Frank Perez Verdecia

Clinical Director and CEO
Over the years, he has provided invaluable support to hundreds of children, helping them overcome the functional impairments imposed by their conditions. His expert interventions have enabled these children to break through the barriers set by their disabilities and lead fulfilling, thriving lives.

Tricia Kama

Registered Behavior Technician
When her town of Lahaina had wildfires, that burned down the majority of the buildings, Tricia's commitment to her clients and our team shone through as she evacuated her own family to her extended family home and then came to the clinic and opened up to receive families that were on their way for their morning sessions.

Chelsea Lauer

Chelsea began an intake with a Spanish speaking family. Recognizing that language barriers could be a significant obstacle to effective communication, she took it upon herself to learn Spanish. She has also demonstrated cultural awareness by offering to teach a client vocal language in their families primary spoken language. Chelsea's dedication extended beyond the therapy room, as her client is now able to speak command words in Spanish.

Meet the 2023 CentralReach Award Honorees

  • Samuel Akinade

    Samuel Akinade

    Tier 3 RBT
    ABC Of NC

  • Julie Angstadt

    Owner/Clinical Director
    Hummingbird ABA Therapy

  • Kathryn Apolinar

    Intern/Case Manager
    Initech Enterprise International LLC DBA Success On The Spectrum - Texas City

  • Christina Augliera

    Founder/ Executive Director Torrington Area Families for Autism (TAFA)
    TAFA; CT OEC Parent Cabinet Member

  • Jared Bacon

    Client services supervisor
    Aprendamos- MASC

  • Tina Barone

    Tina Barone

    Operations Manager
    Every Piece Counts

  • Brianne Belt

    Director of Clinical Services
    and Outreach

    Achieving True Self

  • hs-awards-2023-jennifer-bender

    Jennifer Bender

    Director of Client Relations
    Beyond Autism Services

  • Nicholas Berry

    Director of Clinical Systems
    Autism Learning Partners

  • Alyson Beytien

    Alyson Beytien

    BCBA, MS-Autism, LBA
    Executive Director

    Beyond Behavior ABA

  • Jessica Birch

    The Social Spectrum

  • Kimberly Borman

    Southern Louisiana Behavior Consultants

  • Krista Brooker

    Krista Brooker

    Clinical Supervisor
    Aprendamos Intervention Team

  • Katie Browning

    ABS kids

  • Jennifer Cable

    Jennifer Cable

    Clinical Supervisor
    Aprendamos Intervention Team

  • Sara Cadenhead

    Sara Cadenhead

    Clinical Director/BCBA
    Great Gains Behavioral Solutions - KidsSPOT

  • Willie Carter

    Tier 1 RBT
    ABC of NC

  • Gabrielle Casalino

    Quality & Training Coordinator
    Every Piece Counts

  • Antuanete Chavez

    Educational Director

  • Rogers Clayton

    Rogers Clayton


  • Danielle Cohen

    Executive Clinical Director
    Autism, Advocacy, and Intervention (AAI)

  • Arlene Coughlan

    Admissions Coordinator
    Spectrum of Hope - KidsSPOT

  • Joshania Crutchfield

    Registered Behavior Technician
    Circle care services

  • Natasha Curles

    BCBA and Clinical Director
    Atlantic Autism Services, Inc.

  • Jenny Darnell

    Director of Operations
    Alpine Autism Center

  • Kathy Day

    Director of Systems & Analytics
    Intercare Therapy

  • Lindsey DelCarlino

    Director of Clinical Operations
    Connect Plus Therapy

  • Kim Donaghy

    Kim Donaghy

    Clinical Director
    Every Piece Counts

  • Lauren Elliott

    Founder + CEO
    Simplified Behavioral Health

  • Amanda Fauteck

    Amanda Fauteck

    Registered Behavior Technician
    Westside Children's Therapy

  • Antonia Fiddner

    Antonia Fiddner

    Director of Clinical Informatics
    May Institute

  • Ariadnie Graham

    Tier 3 RBT
    ABC of NC

  • Angela Guaraldi

    Program Director
    The May Institute

  • Florentina Gucho

    Ed Sped Solutions Inc.

  • Sandra Guerra

    InBloom Autism Services

  • hs-awards-2023-kesley-gundestrup

    Kelsey Gundestrup

    BCBA and Program Coordinator
    Total Education Solutions

  • Samantha Hecker

    BLOOM ABA Provider Consulting

  • Breanna Henson

    Breanna Henson

    ABA Program Director & BCBA
    AFA Academy

  • Wanda Hernandez Rodriguez

    Wanda Hernandez-Rodriguez

    ABA Lead Scheduling Assistant
    ABS Kids

  • hs-awards-2023-katrina-hille

    Katrina Hille

    Director of Autism Services
    Aprendamos Intervention Team; Mariposa Autism Service Center

  • Michael Hitchcock

    Director of Clinical Services
    New Horizons in Autism, Inc.

  • Cassidy Holman

    Soar Autism Center

  • Shelby Holtson

    Shelby Holtson

    Reach High Therapy
    and Consulting

  • Kari Hoskins

    Clinical Supervisor
    Aprendamos Intervention Team

  • Charla Hutchinson

    BCBA Supervisor
    ABC of NC

  • Rachel Jockers

    Rachel Jockers

    ATS - Achieving True Self

  • Selene Johnson

    Executive Director
    ABC of NC

  • Tricia Kama

    Registered Behavior Technician
    ABA Classroom

  • Renee Keisman

    Love 2 Learn Consulting & Orange County Recreation & Education Collective

  • Zane Khan

    Chief Technology Officer
    Matrix Behavior Solutions, LLC

  • Alysha Kim

    Hawaii Department of Education

  • Destini Kulik

    Destini Kulik

    Love 2 Learn Consulting & Orange County Recreation & Education Collective

  • Chelsea Lauer

    Chelsea Lauer

    Helping Hands Family

  • Yesenia Lechuga

    ABA Plus, Inc.

  • Melissa Liautaud

    Senior Director
    By Your Side University (Development Division)

  • Ashley Lowman

    BCBA Clinic Supervisor
    Balance Autism

  • Alyanna Lugay

    Treatment Coordinator (Mid-Level Sup)

  • Sugar Lynch

    Sugar Lynch

    EIBI supervisor
    Transition Behavior Health

  • Charise Markas

    Charise Markas

    Account Administrator

  • Brian Marrier

    Autism, Advocacy, and Intervention

  • Christy Martinez

    Center Manager
    Proud Moments

  • Alexandra Martini

    Proud Moments

  • Sara Martins

    Operations Coordinator
    Behavior Consultants Inc.

  • Alyssa Mast

    Registered Behavior Technician
    Goshen City Behavioral Health

  • Carlos Mendez

    Applied ABC, ABA.

  • Allison Michaud

    Allison Michaud

    Autism Learning Partners

  • Michelle Morgado

    Speech Pathologist

  • Alanna Morrissey


  • Becky Nelson

    The Autism Clinic at Hope

  • hs-awards-2023-katie-nerud

    Katie Nerud

    Clinical Director
    Amigo Care ABA

  • hs-awards-2023-zachary-newman

    Zachary Newman

    Success on the Spectrum-Lee's Summit

  • Corey Nguyen

    Director of ABA Services
    Creative Behavioral Connections

  • Dylan Nikkel

    Behavior Analyst

  • Frank Perez Verdecia

    Clinical Director and CEO
    Health of Mind, Inc

  • Chris Pinnell

    Aprendamos Intervention Team

  • Benjamin Pitts

    Mid Level Sup

  • hs-awards-2023-theresa-praul-defrank

    Theresa Praul-DeFrank

    Director of Quality and Training
    Beyond Autism Services

  • Carissa Prevenas

    BCBA Clinic Supervisor
    Balance Autism

  • Katelynn Reberry

    Lead Registered Behavior Technician
    Willow ABA Services

  • Janee Reed

    Inbloom Autism Services

  • hs-awards-2023-brad-reedy

    Brad Reedy

    IT Application Analyst
    New Story

  • Savanna Reid

    Savannah Reid

    IT Clinical Analyst

  • Sofia Reynoso

    Aprendamos Intervention Team

  • Clancey Richardson

    Clancey Richardson

    Helianthus Positive Behavior Supports, LLC

  • Marlene Rivera

    Aprendamos Family of Services, Mariposa Autism Service Center

  • Victoria Roberts

    Educational Specialist
    Hawaii Department of Education

  • Kyle Robinson

    Aces for Autism

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    Clinical leader Intern

  • Laurel Savelli

    Wetherald Behavioral Consulting

  • Angel Schaer

    Director of Intellectual Disabilities / Autism Services
    Achieving True Self

  • Shala Simms

    Director of Virtual Services
    Center For Social Dynamics

  • Danielle Skala

    Danielle Skala

    Senior Clinical Director, BCBA
    One of the Kids

  • Melanie Skoofalos

    Melanie Skoofalos

    Chief Operating Officer
    Connect Plus Therapy

  • Nicole Slay

    Nicole Slay

    Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    Southeast Alabama Autism Center

  • Jennyka Taylor

    The Joshua School - Joshua Early Childhood Center

  • Juni Thom

    National Director of Clinic Operations
    Autism, Advocacy, and Intervention (AAI)

  • Jessica Vanderpoorten

    Jessica Vanderpoorten

    Registered Behavior Technician
    Aprendamos Intervention Team

  • Evelyn Vasquez Rendon

    RBT - ABA Paraprofessional
    Behavioral Intervention Psychological Services, PC

  • Brionna Von Ah

    Sr. Behavior Analyst
    Autism Learning Partners

  • Adi Waissam Saban

    Adi Waissman-Saban

    BCBA - Lead Clinical Supervisor
    Colorado Autism Consultants

  • Tiffany Warr

    Lead RBT
    Behavior Supports and Solutions LLC

  • hs-awards-2023-christine-white

    Christine White

    Clinician of Therapy
    A Core Connections

  • Daryl Williams

    Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    Carolina Center for ABA and Autism Treatment

  • Zendy Wilson

    Clinical Administrator
    Amigo Care ABA

  • Virginna Woods

    Office Manager
    Surpass Behavioral Health

  • Jamie Wooten

    State Clinical Director
    Discovery ABA

  • Miriam Yankelewitz

    ABA Supervisor

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The CentralReach Autism and IDD Care Awards program recognizes the important contributions of care and support professionals and educators who embrace technology to help those they serve achieve better outcomes and live more independent lives. It is the first awards program recognizing the exceptional impact of dedicated professionals within the autism and IDD care space.

Nominations for the CentralReach Autism and IDD Care Awards are now closed for 2023. Continue to refer back to this page for future updates on 2024 nominations.

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Congratulations to the honorees for the outstanding care and impact
that they have made on the autism and IDD community.