Robin Williams

Robin Williams


Robin earned her BS in Psychology at the University of Central Florida & and an additional BS and MS in Exceptional Education at Florida State University. Robin is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Professional Educator with 22 years of experience and has worked in various roles. She has a wealth of experience teaching & providing technical assistance to staff, and families, and coaching educators of students with disabilities.


Robin has also built a private practice providing Applied Behavior Analysis consulting, training, and direct service for over 18 years. Her decades of experience include providing professional development and writing curriculum for the State of Florida Department of Education regarding behavior management, social-emotional learning, and supporting students with disabilities. Robin has supported individuals with severe developmental disabilities and the staff that supports or educates them in a variety of locations including schools, family homes, intermediate care facilities, behavior-focused group homes, and correctional facilities.


She has also presented at local, national, and international education and behavior conferences including the UDL-IRN Summit, Q10 Equity in Education, FETC, and Standard Celeration Society on behavior change, edtech tools for data collection, social justice, and racial equity in education or ABA practice.


Robin is a thought leader in her field and has partnered with school districts in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Mississippi to provide training for the entire team of school-based Behavior Analysts. Robin is committed to ensuring that the identity of the students we serve through the provision of applied behavior analysis services or in education is a foundational consideration as we plan for equity. She is passionate about the dissemination of Applied Behavior Analysis and helping others to see how ABA can truly change the world. Robin is also a wife and mom of twin teenage daughters. She loves to run, practice yoga, draw, and listen to music. Spicy thai food or a good beach day for this Florida native is essential to her every now and then for self-care.