Lisa Marie Clinton

Lisa Marie Clinton

Director of Avail Support

Lisa Marie Clinton has over 13 years of in-depth, hands-on experience in the field of education and skills development for individuals with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). While working in education, employment and directly with many families in their home environment, she witnessed the challenges in developing and obtaining the right support for individuals.


Fuelled with her passion, drive and vast real-life expertise, Lisa Marie set about creating a revolutionary digital program to promote lifelong learning, focusing and enabling young adults to live an independent and fulfilled life. Through further study in a Masters and Dissertation, Lisa Marie researched the underpinning data for avail® in 2015, which was launched in 2017.


Since then, as Founder and CEO she has continued to research and develop avail® into the revolutionary program expanding therapy, 1:1 support and addressing waiting lists while achieving incredible outcomes for both end users and their providers: Schools, Employment Agencies, State bodies and Service Providers across Europe and North America.


In 2021, Lisa Marie and the Avail Support team joined forces with CentralReach to accelerate reach and further program delivery across the neurodiverse population.