Small but Mighty

CentralReach helps smaller organizations hit the ground running and grow like a weed.

Scheduling Made Simple

Make tracking down available staff and overscheduling a thing of the past.

Tired of having to ask yourself who from your staff is available for new client cases? Need a quick and easy way to view which therapist is closest to and open for an upcoming session? Through CentralReach’s integrated scheduling system, practices of all sizes can easily match client and staff availability, simplify last minute updates to the schedule, create appointments that reoccur on an ongoing basis and assign custom labels to define best practices and workflows that help you and your team stay organized.

CentralReach’s intuitive scheduling system will also enable you to link appointments to preloaded authorizations, that way you can maximize authorized time and avoid overscheduling and overbilling.

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Taking The Guesswork Out of The Billing and Claims Process

Track every detail with our claims manager and say goodbye to long nights spent reconciling billable hours, sorting through T-Codes and managing insurance claims.

Did someone render those services? Did I bill or invoice for those services yet? Which client has yet to pay? CentralReach provides a simple, single source solution to answer all of these questions and more. Our platform is designed to help clinical practices easily manage all of their billing needs in one centralized place. The CentralReach solution provides small business with the tools they need to maximize utilization and authorization management, basic payroll with simple timesheet tracking, expedited generation of invoices and claims as well as manual payment posting.

Worried about billing, communicating and managing parent co pays? Our Parent Portal can streamline and automate your billing and co-pay processing by allowing you to post invoices to your clients so that you can be paid directly online via credit card, in real-time.

Say goodbye to your accounting software, CentralReach can reconcile individual claims, or multiple payments at once. The system also allows you to automatically generate important information from session notes and forms required by payors when submitting claims, making your tasks simple and easy to manage.

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One Easy to Manage System for All Your Clinical Notes and Forms

Ditch the paper and improve efficiency with an online platform that generates, stores and customizes clinical notes and forms.

Do you have paper and documents scattered everywhere? Are your BCBAs and clinical staff struggling to manage their caseloads and keep up with clinical documentation all while managing daily session notes, evaluations, progress notes and goal creation?

CentralReach Clinical Notes and Forms make the day to day reporting process of client progress faster than ever. These customized forms automatically generate information from client profiles and timesheets to eliminate much of the painstaking effort related to traditional session note creation.

Forget paper data sheets and making time-draining updates each week. Your staff will love our customizable mobile data sheets that you create once for them to customize for every client. Each data sheet updates automatically when items are met, when phases change or when new prompts are prescribed and are available to you in real-time.

Get the documentation you need when you need it without requiring too much effort from field staff. Whether in-home, in schools, or in the clinic your staff can document and note their client progress anytime, anywhere with instant and easy access by you.

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Storing, Tracking and Managing Employee and Client Information Has Never Been This Easy

Keep track of employees and clients all while keeping their personal information, documents, papers and files organized and HIPAA compliant...a daunting task to say the least.

CentralReach simplifies your client intake process, employee onboarding, verifying, and tracking with our contact management solutions. We make it easy for you to capture the data you need from new and potential clients. We have built-in checklists that keep your organization on the right track to completing client onboarding systematically and accurately with forms that can be modified and added to your website to gather client intake information. In addition, our system encourages the use of organizational tools that help you eliminate unnecessary processes and optimize your workflow.

CentralReach has the power to manage the employee onboarding process from application to hire date and beyond. Our tools take the guesswork out of maintaining complete records of employee data, reduces clerical paperwork and improves your overall organizational flow. You can efficiently manage paying your employees, no matter how simple or complex your compensation system is. Ensure your employees only provide and bill for the services they are authorized to with no micromanagement needed! Set it up once and let us handle the rest.

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