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Today is the day to consider managed billing services for your practice.

Outsourcing billing requires trust, reliability, and transparency. As you consider partnering with a third party biller, you want to feel confident that the company has proven expertise, will be around for a long time, and will be responsive to your needs. The CR BillMax Managed Billing Guide can walk you through the vetting process with ease.

Billing expertise at your fingertips.

Each month, CR BillMax experts host ABA billing best practice webinars, covering various elements of the complex RCM workflow. Registration is totally free and all sessions are recorded and available on demand.

Part 3: All About Authorizations - Watch Now

Part 4: Ethical Billing Best Practices - Watch Now

Part 5: Fee Schedules & Service Codes - Watch Now

Part 6: Billing & Claims Management - Watch Now

Part 7: All-In-One Billing - Watch Now

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What would you do with a 96.5% collection rate?

CR BillMax Services helps practices of all shapes and sizes overcome complex ABA billing challenges and facilitate growth. In this story, you'll see how BillMax saves time, collects more, and helps support a growing practice.

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