Digital payor-approved AFLS Assessments with CR Assessments for Autism

Go digital with your assessments to streamline your workflow and get reimbursed for all that you do.

Allow CR Assessments to refresh how
your therapy practice conducts autism assessments

Actionable Data

Generate customized reports in seconds. Easily create payor-approved reports and analyze progress over time with access to historical data.

Integration with CentralReach Clinical

Learner data passes between platforms for improved data continuity, eliminating duplicate data entry, and seamlessly launch CR Assessments from within CentralReach Clinical for a time-saving workflow.

Improved Reimbursement

Enhanced reporting and analytics provide payors with a comprehensive view of each learner’s progress, allowing more rapid reimbursement.

Increased Collaboration

Include key team members in the assessment process and elevate collaboration. Communicate progress, share results, and enhance the quality of services.

Reduced Administrative Time

Automatic scoring and real-time reports, streamlined procedures save time, allowing clinicians to spend more time with their clients, families, and supervisees.

Secure Data

Never worry about lost data again! With our secure, cloud-based platform, data is stored all in one safe location for all team members to access.

The Benefits of ABLLS-R® and AFLS® in one Platform

Having a platform offering both AFLS assessments & ABLLS-R assessments enable your practice to:

Evaluate people at different stages in their lives
Create an integrated approach to explore a wide range of skills
Gain the perspective of multiple specialists and clinicians
Track data throughout an individual’s treatment plan
Assess progress over time

With both the ABLLS-R digital assessment and all six AFLS assessments, CR Assessments offer enhanced opportunities to assess your learners across several areas of development.

CR afls assessment screen recording

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CR Care Coordinator - Parenting 101

Both assessors could easily view and edit client’s protocols to add in information.

Operational Excellence

Makes it easier to generate reports and add in relevant info (e.g., next targets, progress, etc.).


The reporting feature provided amazing graphs that could be used for our standard report template.

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Frequently asked questions

The combination of the ABLLS-R and AFLS assessments have been combined as a CR Assessments product. The combination of two of the most used criterion-referenced assessments in behavior analysis allows educators and practicing behavior analysts the opportunity to assess skills of learners in real time and select and develop instructional objectives that are appropriate for the learner at the time of assessment.

The ABLLS-R and AFLS are criterion-referenced assessments designed to support skill acquisition targets for individuals with autism and IDD. The CR Assessments product should be used by trained educators and practicing behavior analysts.

The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills - Revised

The Assessment of Functional Living Skills

Utilizing both assessments in a combined platform supports the purpose of assessment, to identify strengths and weaknesses of a learner, identify individualized instructional targets, and allow assessors to select goals according to individual performance. The benefit is the assessment provides an overview of a learner across their lifespan from early childhood to adulthood.

CR Assessments support an efficient intake and ongoing process. Robust reporting and analytics features allow educators and practicing behavior analysts the opportunity to select skills observed during the assessment and populate objective treatment plans and IEPs.

CR Assessments support an efficient intake and ongoing process. Robust reporting and analytics features allow educators and practicing behavior analysts the opportunity to select skills observed during the assessment and populate objective treatment plans and IEPs.

The CR Assessments product offers reporting and analytics that report the percentage of skills mastered within each skill content area for one assessment as well as across multiple assessments. This reporting allows practicing behavior analysts the opportunity to report on a learner’s skills per domain versus a comprehensive score on the complete assessment. Practicing behavior analysts should also report on individualized skills acquired by their learner with each report.

The use of CR Assessments does not require or advise that all 2,400 skills are assessed in one period. Assessment of skills should be determined by a thorough records review, interview of the learner and their family, and proper selection of skills to observe directly from the information gathered.

This answer is dependent upon a few things. The assessor needs to consider how many skills have been mastered during the last assessment period. As the learner acquires skills, it is important to go back into the CR Assessments product to add more goals, so the learner is continuously acquiring new skills. Some school districts do have requirements on how often to assess and that is dependent upon the specific school district rules.

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