A new way to help shape the future of CentralReach.

Introducing a new and improved way to submit product feature requests
that can help drive the evolution of our products and services – available directly within CR Community.


You asked, we listened:
Visibility from start-to-finish.

The product feature request process in CR Community provides the transparency and real-time feedback our customers need, in addition to enhanced internal evaluation procedures.

Support Admins will now be able to submit feature requests as a case in CR Community, complete with full visibility into tracking the status and timeline of requests throughout the evaluation process.

The Feature Request Lifecycle

Submit Your New Feature Request

Support Admins submit a product feature request case in CR Community (the more details, the better!)

Internal Evaluation

The CR team gets to work on in-depth review of the request and assesses priority.

Product Roadmap Updates

The CR team identifies a good roadmap fit*, and refreshes the product roadmap with the feature request.

See Your Ideas In Action

Your feature request is launched in a product release, and now you and your peers can leverage it in your day-to-day!

Real-Time Status Updates

Support Admins receive real-time insight and visibility into the status of their request at each and every stage.