CentralReach Debuts ‘CentralReach PK-12’ to Unlock the Power of Data in Special Ed Instruction

After success in the clinician and applied behavior analysis (ABA) markets, CentralReach launches CentralReach PK-12, a collaborative and data-driven software for special education. The software helps public, private and charter schools foster communication and coordination of instruction and care for students in special education programs.

CentralReach PK-12 empowers individualized educational program (IEP) teams to seamlessly record data and access information about students in real-time, creating data-driven insights to inform instruction. The software gives educators new tools, so they can more easily comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and create reports and customizable graphs to visualize student progress and guide discussions with parents.

Educators also have access to a Marketplace of professional development resources and the capability to assign courses to colleagues and track their progress.

“After seeing the impact that our software had on users in the ABA and clinician markets, we know there’s tremendous potential for the technology to support IEP teams and students,” said Charlotte Fudge, CEO of CentralReach. “We recognize that teachers, school psychologists, paraprofessionals, administrators, therapists and parents can best support students when they’re working together and making evidence-backed decisions about IEPs.”

CentralReach and Whole Child Consulting today announced that they are partnering to provide online tools for the Inventory of Good Learning Repertoires (IGLR) assessment. The assessment tools will be integrated into the CentralReach software so that clinicians can easily administer and score the IGLR as well as integrate the IGLR into goals and programs for their students and track progress over time.

The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires, which was developed by Steve Ward, MA, BCBA and Theresa Grimes, MA, BCBA of Whole Child Consulting, is an assessment tool designed to measure the ease with which a student may be taught. The IGLR can be used to identify a student’s preferred learning styles, their dependence upon various supports, the relative efficacy of various supports, their resilience upon encountering challenges, and their potential to learn with fewer supports. The IGLR is designed for use in schools by educators and clinicians who work with students on the autism spectrum or have ADD, ADHD or other developmental disorders. The IGLR assessment outcomes assist educators in determining educational placement, accommodations and modifications, and IEP goals for students.

Charlotte Fudge, CEO of CentralReach shared, “We are excited to be working together with Whole Child Consulting on new online tools for the IGLR that can be used to identify ways to help students succeed. Our recent survey indicated that 94% of clinicians were interested in using online tools for working with assessments for their students, and we are dedicated to delivering innovative tools to achieve that.”

Steve Ward, CEO of Whole Child Consulting, stated, “I have been passionate about instructional efficiency for decades, and I’m excited to share this passion through a partnership with CentralReach. The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires identifies foundational repertoires that transform students who are hard to teach into students who are easy to teach. Targeted instruction empowers teachers to produce dramatic results with their students.”

The online tools for the IGLR will be available as part of CentralReach’s robust clinical data collection and graphing module which makes it seamless to take in a variety of data from rating scale and time sampling to percent independence and trial or probe data. The integrated goal bank will provide examples of how to translate the IGLR assessment results into objectives. The CentralReach Marketplace will feature the companion books for the IGLR by Whole Child Consulting, Teaching Good Learner Repertoires and Teaching Advanced Learner Repertoires. These companion books provide analysis and guidance in translating objectives into instructional strategies.

CentralReach, a leader in cloud-based software for electronic health records (EHR), practice management, and data collection, has launched CR People, a human resources management solution that integrates seamlessly into the CentralReach cloud-based platform.

CR People is an affordable HR solution for therapy-based practices to streamline their human resources management with an intuitive user interface and seamless integration with the CentralReach platform. CR People is an addition to CentralReach’s innovative cloud-based platform, which supports over 30,000 users working in therapy-based practices such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral health.

Highlights of CR People include tools that simplify the time-off management process with an online calendar and drop-down menu so that staff can request time-off in seconds and managers can approve requests with one click. CR People also provides management of benefits such as dental, vision, retirement, and health and life insurance. Administrators can assign HR policies as well as manage HR documents or clinical certifications. Additionally, CR People tracks assets such as computers, phones, and software licenses so that all investments are accounted for and easily managed.

CEO of CentralReach, Charlotte Fudge explains, “People are the most valuable part of a therapy-based practice, so it is imperative to have tools that are easy to use for both administrators and staff to keep staff engaged and everyone informed. This was a natural expansion of the CentralReach platform since it is already being used for staff scheduling and payroll in many therapy-based practices throughout the United States.”

With an all-in-one platform that integrates practice management, data collection, learning management, and now human resources, therapy-based practices can save time and money with less data entry and fewer applications.

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Emmylou Santos, M.A., BCBA, LBA, co-founded A.G.E.S. Learning Solutions in 2008, in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After three years of steady growth from group home consultation, they went full time with the company in 2011. When the company started, they managed business operations with spreadsheets – to do everything from client tracking and billing, to graphing data.  Moreover, organizations and parents were billed directly for services.  However, after the autism insurance mandate went into effect in 2012, A.G.E.S started billing insurance companies for services, which, coupled with overall company growth, prompted a look into practice management software.

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Listen to a chat with CentralReach Business Development Manager and former Board Certified Behavior Analyst Nikki Holway and Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D Founder of bSci21Media discuss the benefits of the CentralReach software.

The ReachOut program is a recent initiative we are very proud about here at CentralReach. It’s a way we give back to the community we serve by providing employment opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum. The program is called ReachOut and is the vision of our CEO, Charlotte Fudge and is an initiative we hope other organizations will replicate. Check out the latest bSci21 article that features the initiative here.

CentralReach, a leader in cloud-based software for electronic medical records (EMR), practice management, and data collection, successfully completed its most recent SOC 3 attestation report for its cloud security platform environment. Furthermore, CentralReach has once again validated the HIPAA security compliant environment through a separate audit report specific to HIPAA Security Rule compliance.

Both audits were completed by the independent auditing firm NDB (the principal member of the NDB Alliance of CPA firms). NDB confirmed that CentralReach maintained relevant effective controls over the security and privacy of their cloud-based platform holding personal health information, and the independent auditor’s report provides reasonable assurance that the CentralReach platform is properly protected against unauthorized access. This third-party oversight confirms CentralReach’s assertion that practices, policies and procedures meet the standards set forth by the AICPA for security, availability and confidentiality.

“Achieving SOC 3 Certification provides our thousands of therapy providers the assurance that they are using services that uphold the security standards their business and clients deserve, while also setting an example in the industry,” said Charlotte Fudge, co-founder and CEO of CentralReach.

A copy of the SOC 3 Certification report is available upon request.

For further information on SOC 3, visit aicpa.org, and for additional information on HIPAA, go to hhs.gov/hipaa.

About CentralReach 
Founded in 2012, CentralReach develops innovative technology and tools for therapy-based organizations in applied behavior analysis, early intervention, education, as well as speech, occupational, and physical therapies. CentralReach serves over 30,000 clinicians with its leading-edge software for practice management and data collection built by a team of clinicians and technologists. It also provides full-service implementation and ongoing support to help organizations grow and thrive. For more information, please visit http://centralreach.com.

CentralReach, a software company that develops innovative practice management tools, established the ReachOut Initiative to train and employ young adults on the autism spectrum.

CentralReach is deeply involved in the autism community and has worked with over 30,000 providers to support individuals on the autism spectrum. CentralReach’s software technology offers scheduling, billing, and payroll support as well as clinical data collection and human resources tools. Now, the company has identified an opportunity to provide this training and employment program for this underserved community. The ReachOut team not only supports data entry for new customers during implementation but also helps with lead generation activities for business development.

With over a dozen board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA) on staff, including CEO Charlotte Fudge, CentralReach’s decision to launch the program was a natural extension of their mission to help individuals on the autism spectrum. “We are committed to giving back to the autism community and thrilled with the success of the ReachOut Initiative. We want to encourage and help other companies to join us and start their own ReachOut’s,” says Fudge.

CentralReach partnered with Vocation Depot, a nonprofit organization that assists Veterans and individuals with disabilities find gainful employment and meaningful careers. Vocation Depot provides job assessment services, career counseling, and job placement and retention services.

Katy Han, who leads the ReachOut team, worked with Lee Goldstein, Job Coach at Vocation Depot, to define the positions and identify and interview candidates. Lee stated, ”We are excited to have CentralReach join the growing number of organizations that are building an inclusive workplace. After collaborating with CentralReach to place three individuals on the autism spectrum as data entry specialists, it is rewarding to see CentralReach’s newest employees excelling and gaining both confidence and greater independence.”

Katy has been impressed by the team’s incredible attention to detail as well as their energy and dedication. “The best part about leading the ReachOut team is their willingness and desire to work. They are so excited to do their best every day, and that excitement radiates throughout our office.”

As CentralReach continues to grow rapidly, it plans to expand the ReachOut Initiative.

About CentralReach 
Founded in 2012, CentralReach develops innovative technology and tools for therapy-based organizations in applied behavior analysis, early intervention, education, as well as speech, occupational, and physical therapies. CentralReach serves over 30,000 clinicians with its leading-edge software for practice management and data collection built by a team of clinicians and technologists. It also provides full-service implementation and ongoing support to help organizations grow and thrive. For more information, please visit centralreach.com.