The Current State of Autism and Where CentralReach Stands

Just this past April, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) released their most recent autism rates findings which stated that about 1 in 59 8-year-old children in 11 communities (more than 300,000 children) across the United States were identified as having autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to the report published earlier this month in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) Surveillance Summary. That is an increase of over 15% from their previous estimated report of 1 in 68 children having autism in 2016. Some of the change in prevalence is said to be caused by improved autism identification which is important, because children identified early with autism and connected to services are more likely to reach their fullest potential.

That’s where we come in. We help therapists focus on delivering exceptional care by providing the tools needed to run a practice and manage client caseloads. Over six years ago, our founder, Charlotte Fudge, (who was a practicing BCBA herself back then) was all too familiar with the difficulties and loss of productivity faced by clinicians on a daily basis. Experiencing the same problems while running a practice of her own, she took matters into her own hands and decided to do something about it. Today, we bring together over 100 years of clinical expertise with leading technologists and developers to create flexible and integrated tools to help therapy practices thrive.

We strengthened our commitment to the success of our users by recently announcing the acquisition of Chartlytics, a leading real-time behavior change analytics software provider with unparalleled clinical decision-making technology, using Precision Teaching and Standard Celeration Charts. The new addition will enhance and empower the best clinicians in the industry with unbeatable data and insights to dramatically improve quality of care. Taking it even further, we also just recently released the second version of our CR Go app that includes data collection, so that collecting data from wherever, whenever, is in the palm of our clinicians’ hands…WIFI or not!

We not only support therapists through our technology, we support our community as well. Going on our second year, CentralReach has spearheaded our ReachOut program, a fairly-recent initiative we are very proud of and one we hope other organizations will replicate. It’s a way we give back to the community we serve by providing employment opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum. Outside of our office we’ve also donated to multiple award-winning, non-profit organizations including Surfers For Autism, and the Atlanta Autism Consortium.

Demand for ABA services has accelerated rapidly since the early 1990s and although it is only one of many areas of application, much of the increase has been in the realm of interventions for individuals diagnosed with ASD. Families of people with autism have played a major role in advocating for public policies to increase the availability of – and funding for – ABA services. Families like these are the ones that motivate us here at CentralReach every day to create the tools therapists need to deliver necessary care. So, no matter what occurs in the field of ASD and ABA it goes without saying that CentralReach will always be here to do our part.

Learn more about CentralReach’s services and commitment to assisting over 40,000 therapists and educators with better outcomes for client care and solutions for effectively managing a therapy practice. Book a strategy session today through our one-on-one product demonstration.

Today, CentralReach, the premier provider of electronic health record and practice management software for clinics focused on applied behavioral analysis (ABA), speech therapy, and occupational therapy (OT) is pleased to announce that it has closed the acquisition of Chartlytics, the leading real-time behavior change analytics software provider. CentralReach, backed by Insight Venture Partners, will combine its cloud-based practice management and clinical data collection software with Chartlytics’ best-in-class precision data measurement and advanced analytics technology, bringing the power of the combined offering to its over 40,000 therapist and educator users.

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Chartlytics to the CentralReach family,” said Charlotte Fudge, CentralReach’s founder. “Just this past month alone, the CDC reported higher autism prevalence rates that increased from an estimated 1 in 68 children in 2016 to now 1 in 59 in 2018. By adding Chartlytics to the market-leading CentralReach product portfolio, we will continue to support the growing need from our users for advanced clinical analytics and precision treatment.”

By joining forces, CentralReach and Chartlytics will lead the ABA, speech therapy, and OT markets on their journey to adopt next-generation clinical research and assessment technology, including sophisticated data collection, goal graphing, client session notes, and now – with Chartlytics – precision behavior measurement, an information-rich visual display, and real-time decision-making to accelerate learning outcomes. All of this functionality complements CentralReach’s scheduling, payroll, billing, claims processing, and content marketplace offerings.

“This acquisition is a pivotal moment in the history of precision behavior measurement,” said David Stevens, co-founder of Chartlytics. “Increasing the quality of decision making for CentralReach therapists and educators is truly meaningful since it will help learners, many of them children on the spectrum, to thrive.”

“CentralReach already was the scale leader with the most advanced technology in the ABA, speech therapy, and OT segments,” said Lonne Jaffe, Managing Director at Insight Venture Partners. “We expect the CentralReach acquisition of Chartlytics to accelerate the industry’s adoption of advanced analytics capabilities, augmenting and empowering the best clinicians in the industry with data and insights, and dramatically improving quality of care.”

About CentralReach
CentralReach is the leading EHR and practice management solution for clinicians focused on applied behavioral analysis, multi-specialty, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and PK-12. CentralReach is the only end to end solution in the market that integrates clinical data collection, practice management, and a marketplace product for these audiences. CentralReach is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida.

About Chartlytics
Chartlytics is the leading provider of clinical decision-making software and related services for professionals in applied behavior analysis, education, occupational therapy, speech-language services, and more. Their digital platform makes Precision Teaching easy, so clinicians can precisely measure any behavior or performance, record it on an honest visual display, and make confident data-driven decisions. For more information, visit

About Insight Venture Partners
Insight Venture Partners is a leading global venture capital and private equity firm investing in high-growth technology and software companies that are driving transformative change in their industries. Founded in 1995, Insight has raised more than $18 billion and invested in over 300 companies worldwide. Our mission is to find, fund and work successfully with visionary executives, providing them with practical, hands-on growth expertise to foster long-term success. Across our people and our portfolio, we encourage a culture around a core belief: growth equals opportunity. For more information on Insight and all its investments, visit or follow us on Twitter @insightpartners.

This month’s product release is packed with new features to help users streamline their workflow within CentralReach. Changes include workflow enhancements to identify and convert billable appointments and additional functionalities within the Human Resources Module to manage employees and their time off requests. We will also have a new look & feel as well as new features within Criterion & Prompting templates found in the Learn/Clinical Module. All product releases mentioned below will be live on CentralReach Friday, April 6, 2018!

Converting Billable Appointments
No more jumping around modules or clicking several times once a billable appointment is identified outside the Billing Module. Converting billable appointments is a critical part of a therapist’s day-to-day and we want to make sure you and your team are able to easily identify and convert billable appointments. For this reason, we have included additional links and icons within My Dashboard and My Calendar to quickly identify unconverted and partially converted billable appointments that link directly to therapist timesheets to be converted into billable hours.

A ‘Lightning Bolt’ icon has been added to the appointments in the ‘My Appointments Upcoming’ widget in My Dashboard. The blue ‘Lightning Bolt’ icon identifies unconverted billable appointments, while the yellow ‘Lightning Bolt’ icon identifies partially converted billable appointments. When clicking these icons, the user will be immediately redirected to create a timesheet for the appointment.


Additionally, before this release, there was a list of all the unconverted appointments within the ‘Notifications & Checklists’ section, on the right-hand side of My Dashboard. However, this was just informational, and users had to then go into the Billing Module to search the appointment that needed to be converted… Now, a new link has been added to convert the appointment directly from the Notifications & Checklists section… clever, right?


Last, but not least, the calendar within the Scheduling Module also has the ‘Lightning Bolt’ icon within the Monthly and Weekly views, with direct access to be linked to create a timesheet for the appointment.

Convert Schedule

New Human Resources Module features to help you better manage employees
Managers and/or org admins must have full visibility over all their employee files and time off requests to effectively manage their workforce… Employees, on the other hand, should be able to request time off approval to their manager, right? Now the Human Resources Module has a new look and feel for supervisor(s) and/or the org’s HR Manager(s) to manage their employees, and new functionality to allow employees to request time off to their manager, or to multiple managers.

The new employee table/grid under the Employee section in the Human Resources Module provides full visibility to view and administer employee files and manage employee time off requests if the user has the proper permission. The Employee view can be customized with columns of information based on the user’s specific needs, and provides the ability to easily access the employee file to add or edit information by just clicking the employee name.

Employee Table

Time off requests can also be managed from this new section. Two new permission rights have been added to ensure the right people have access to view employee time off requests. One permission provides a superuser right –  Admin – Time Off > Administrator – to view time off requests for all the employees in the org. The second permission right – Admin – Time Off > Manage Employees – only provides permission to view the time off requests for the employees that have requested the user’s approval.

Time off requests

From the employee’s standpoint, they are able to request time off to their manager(s). The managers that will appear on the employee’s request form, are based on the ones that have been configured with at least one of the permissions detailed above. Once a request has been submitted, a new section titled ‘My Time Off Requests’ is available for employees to view the status of their requests, and edit it if necessary.

Time off Requested


My time off request

Clinical/Learn Module
Criterion & Prompting updates are finally here! Clinical administrators can now duplicate and modify pre-made templates for organization-wide use and only custom templates appear for supervisors. This feature is great for new users to view and modify preconfigured templates or for existing users who want to take their clinical account to the next level.

NEW System Clinical Templates found within the below types of templates in your Learn platform:

  • Criterion & Prompting Templates
  • Instructional Note Templates
  • ABC Templates


Additionally, we are launching a new look and feel for the Criteria & Prompting Template and adding new functionality for providers, which includes:

  • Concurrent Phases
    • Baseline -> Intervention or Maintenance (Intervene or master at onset)
    • Maintenance -> Intervention (Specific regression criterion)
  • Two new Frame Types: ‘Average of consecutive Data Points’ and ‘Consecutive Error Responses’
  • Ability to copy templates
  • Ability to “auto hold” a goal – great for clients who get stuck at teaching phases
  • Require criterion to be met across two providers
  • Place goals on hold for a set length of time
  • % Independent Goals & Whole Chain Task Analysis given Systematic Prompt Fading
    • Multiple Intervention Phases, advance to the next lower prompt level

Hierarchical Criteria

To learn more about these clinical features, view this pre-recorded webinar here.

Questions? Register for an Open Office Hours Clinical session.


In an effort to continue CentralReach’s commitment to providing leading technology and software solutions to behavioral health and developmental disability care clinicians and practices, CentralReach, leading provider of EHR technology, Behavioral Health Practice Management and Clinical Data Collection partners with Insight Venture Partners, the leading global venture capital and private equity firm investing in high-growth technology and software companies.

“To say that I am ecstatic about this partnership is an understatement. I am beyond thrilled to have Insight Venture Partners join forces with our CentralReach family! Insight’s depth of experience in scaling software businesses will help CentralReach to continue our relentless effort in revolutionizing disability care technology,” said CEO and Co-Founder Charlotte Fudge. “The support that Insight can bring to bear will allow us to continue to enhance our software, empowering our current and future therapists and educator users.”  

“With 24 of every 1000 children diagnosed with autism each year and 39 additional states enacting autism coverage reform laws since 2008, there is a critical need for best-in-class software to manage the care process,” said Richard Wells, Managing Director at Insight Venture Partners. “The company’s accelerating growth will benefit therapists, educators, and patients, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome CentralReach to the Insight portfolio.”

News of the partnership comes at an exciting time for CentralReach, who just this past year alone released impressive industry software features such as a HIPAA secure one-to-one or group chat messaging application, ReachMe and a mobile app, which currently enables location-based time tracking that incorporates ReachMe and is set to include powerful offline data collection capabilities to be released in its second version this coming March.

Since its founding in 2012, CentralReach has since expanded from an ABA focused platform to include software solutions for speech therapy, PK-12 education, and occupational therapy. With Insight Venture Partners by the healthcare tech company’s side, CentralReach will continue its expansion into markets in need of tangible solutions to data collection and management efficiencies while also continuing its mission to provide tools and technology that will revolutionize the behavior and developmental disabilities sectors.

A previous version of this release was first featured here.

About CentralReach
CentralReach is the leading EHR and practice management solution for clinicians focused on applied behavioral analysis, multi-specialty, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and PK-12. CentralReach is the only end to end solution in the market that integrates clinical data collection, practice management, and a marketplace product for these audiences. CentralReach is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida. To learn more, visit

About Insight Venture Partners
Insight Venture Partners is a leading global venture capital and private equity firm investing in high-growth technology and software companies that are driving transformative change in their industries. Founded in 1995, Insight has raised more than $18 billion and invested in over 300 companies worldwide. Our mission is to find, fund and work successfully with visionary executives, providing them with practical, hands-on growth expertise to foster long-term success. Across our people and our portfolio, we encourage a culture around a core belief: growth equals opportunity. For more information on Insight and all its investments, visit or follow us on Twitter @insightpartners.

That it “takes a village” is commonly accepted when it comes to educating children, and the axiom rings especially true when a child has special needs. Students with special needs often learn in non-traditional ways. The adults responsible for their development face unique challenges, as well as successes–they’re constantly pursuing novel ways to make things click. And when they do, those aha! moments are what make the extra effort worthwhile.

To help students in special education settings, it is imperative for educators and parents to collaborate. Two minds are better than one, and in order to stay in tune with the child’s needs and overcome barriers to learning, all parties are critical. Nobody knows their child’s unique strengths, challenges, and needs better than a parent does. Paired with an educational team that has training in various interventions and methodologies to ensure all children learn, all children can reach their full potential.

To be effective, this collaboration has to extend well beyond the Individualized Education Program (IEP) table. This is a daily practice to ensure that everyone is working together for the benefit of the learner. Thanks to technology, staying in touch and working together is easier than ever.

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After success in the clinician and applied behavior analysis (ABA) markets, CentralReach launches CentralReach PK-12, a collaborative and data-driven software for special education. The software helps public, private and charter schools foster communication and coordination of instruction and care for students in special education programs.

CentralReach PK-12 empowers individualized educational program (IEP) teams to seamlessly record data and access information about students in real-time, creating data-driven insights to inform instruction. The software gives educators new tools, so they can more easily comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and create reports and customizable graphs to visualize student progress and guide discussions with parents.

Educators also have access to a Marketplace of professional development resources and the capability to assign courses to colleagues and track their progress.

“After seeing the impact that our software had on users in the ABA and clinician markets, we know there’s tremendous potential for the technology to support IEP teams and students,” said Charlotte Fudge, CEO of CentralReach. “We recognize that teachers, school psychologists, paraprofessionals, administrators, therapists and parents can best support students when they’re working together and making evidence-backed decisions about IEPs.”

CentralReach and Whole Child Consulting today announced that they are partnering to provide online tools for the Inventory of Good Learning Repertoires (IGLR) assessment. The assessment tools will be integrated into the CentralReach software so that clinicians can easily administer and score the IGLR as well as integrate the IGLR into goals and programs for their students and track progress over time.

The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires, which was developed by Steve Ward, MA, BCBA and Theresa Grimes, MA, BCBA of Whole Child Consulting, is an assessment tool designed to measure the ease with which a student may be taught. The IGLR can be used to identify a student’s preferred learning styles, their dependence upon various supports, the relative efficacy of various supports, their resilience upon encountering challenges, and their potential to learn with fewer supports. The IGLR is designed for use in schools by educators and clinicians who work with students on the autism spectrum or have ADD, ADHD or other developmental disorders. The IGLR assessment outcomes assist educators in determining educational placement, accommodations and modifications, and IEP goals for students.

Charlotte Fudge, CEO of CentralReach shared, “We are excited to be working together with Whole Child Consulting on new online tools for the IGLR that can be used to identify ways to help students succeed. Our recent survey indicated that 94% of clinicians were interested in using online tools for working with assessments for their students, and we are dedicated to delivering innovative tools to achieve that.”

Steve Ward, CEO of Whole Child Consulting, stated, “I have been passionate about instructional efficiency for decades, and I’m excited to share this passion through a partnership with CentralReach. The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires identifies foundational repertoires that transform students who are hard to teach into students who are easy to teach. Targeted instruction empowers teachers to produce dramatic results with their students.”

The online tools for the IGLR will be available as part of CentralReach’s robust clinical data collection and graphing module which makes it seamless to take in a variety of data from rating scale and time sampling to percent independence and trial or probe data. The integrated goal bank will provide examples of how to translate the IGLR assessment results into objectives. The CentralReach Marketplace will feature the companion books for the IGLR by Whole Child Consulting, Teaching Good Learner Repertoires and Teaching Advanced Learner Repertoires. These companion books provide analysis and guidance in translating objectives into instructional strategies.

CentralReach, a leader in cloud-based software for electronic health records (EHR), practice management, and data collection, has launched CR People, a human resources management solution that integrates seamlessly into the CentralReach cloud-based platform.

CR People is an affordable HR solution for therapy-based practices to streamline their human resources management with an intuitive user interface and seamless integration with the CentralReach platform. CR People is an addition to CentralReach’s innovative cloud-based platform, which supports over 30,000 users working in therapy-based practices such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral health.

Highlights of CR People include tools that simplify the time-off management process with an online calendar and drop-down menu so that staff can request time-off in seconds and managers can approve requests with one click. CR People also provides management of benefits such as dental, vision, retirement, and health and life insurance. Administrators can assign HR policies as well as manage HR documents or clinical certifications. Additionally, CR People tracks assets such as computers, phones, and software licenses so that all investments are accounted for and easily managed.

CEO of CentralReach, Charlotte Fudge explains, “People are the most valuable part of a therapy-based practice, so it is imperative to have tools that are easy to use for both administrators and staff to keep staff engaged and everyone informed. This was a natural expansion of the CentralReach platform since it is already being used for staff scheduling and payroll in many therapy-based practices throughout the United States.”

With an all-in-one platform that integrates practice management, data collection, learning management, and now human resources, therapy-based practices can save time and money with less data entry and fewer applications.

Another great read from bSci21 giving you 3 ways to get your CEUs completed! Stop procrastinating and get your CEUs done with these 3 easy steps.  CentralReach offers a marketplace where you can get CEUs from a variety of qualified providers.  With new courses being added each month, you can find affordable and the most up-to-date course content.


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CentralReach is pleased to be featured in bSci21 showcasing how an ABA Agency scaled their practice using our practice management and clinical data collection software! As Dr. Barbara Endlich of BAE explains to bSci21, “From the perspective of a BCBA, the real power of CentralReach comes from the data analytics capabilities that enable BCBAs and staff to make the most of their time with clients.”

Head over to bSci21 and check out “Scaling An ABA Agency With CentralReach: An Interview With Dr. Barbara Endlich Of BAE” to learn more. We hope you enjoy! Let us know in the comments how you have scaled your practice.