[quote ]The following video was recorded and presented by Charlotte Fudge, MSN, RN, BCBA, CCM of CentralReach.[/quote]

CEO Charlotte Fudge unveils the latest mobile-optimized clinical interface of the Learn module (beginning at 05:00). Upcoming improvements include:

  1. One comprehensive view of long-term goals, short-term goals and targets
  2. New branch filters with color coding capabilities
  3. Improved navigation for adding/editing branches
  4. Extended reporting options

Other webinar highlights include “Marketplace” (00:30), CentralReach’s new clinical content exchange portal, “Enhanced VB-Mapp Functionality” (01:18), Enhanced Performance Reporting (02:00), and “Medication Functionality” (3:05).

For questions about CentralReach, please contact careteam@centralreach.com or open a support ticket.