One of the traits most successful professionals share is an unrelenting thirst for knowledge. They continually seek out learning experiences throughout their careers, attaining new skillsets and abilities that add value to their roles – and resumes.


ABA clinicians, behavior technicians, and staff work diligently to ensure the services and experience provided to clients and their families are top-notch. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create top-of-the-line CentralReach Certifications that take practices to the next level by empowering staff to earn professional certification in their specialty area(s).


Our CR Certifications set ABA professionals apart from their peers in the industry and deliver invaluable expertise in the CR platform that adds value to ABA businesses. CR certified professionals have the proven knowledge and skills to leverage best-practice CentralReach workflows for their employers, colleagues, and clients.


To earn a professional certification in their specialty area(s), professionals complete a course sequence and a two-part assessment that includes an online, live demonstration of skill in a CentralReach account. To find the certification that’s right for you, CLICK HERE.

Why is software certification important?

Develop home-grown experts that stay with you. By using the current slowdowns to invest in the professional development of your staff, you’ll earn the loyalty of your employees for the long haul. A Harvard Business Review study reported that 72% of respondents ranked recognition as having a significant impact on employee engagement and 78% of employees would stay with their current employer if they knew they had a career path instead of just a job.


Cultivate internal champions. Many employers value software certification programs for delivering the ongoing professional development of their workforce, cultivation of internal experts, ability to provide a qualification tool for hiring and advancement decisions, and enhancement of their company’s reputation.


Drive increased productivity. Software certification equips staff with the knowledge and proven expertise to work within a system with maximum efficiency. That means time-savings (and cost savings) when it comes to adding new staff, completing client intake, billing out through CentralReach ABA billing features, and much more.

What is CR Certification?

The first of its kind in the ABA industry. CentralReach certification arose in response to the industry-wide hiring demand for qualified CentralReach experts. These professional certifications recognize qualified individuals via a professional certification and formal registry -- demonstrating you have competent staff that stand out in the marketplace.


A professional development opportunity that drives staff satisfaction. By becoming CR certified, professionals become more confident in their daily tasks. The online learning courses and assessment process gives staff access to best-practice knowledge that quickly benefits the organization, coworkers, and clients.


A way to increase productivity, efficiency, and Return on Investment (ROI). Employees are no longer “clicking and hoping” or manually repeating tasks that could be quickly finished with a CentralReach template. Staff become fast, fluent, effective users of the software -- which in turn makes everything from client intake to ABA billing more rapid and fluid, enhancing the practice’s bottom line.

Who should become certified?

Experienced staff. Long-time CentralReach users may become CR certified to prove their expertise, brush up on recently-released software enhancements, and gain workplace recognition as the in-demand, go-to CentralReach experts.


Newer staff. While it’s best to have a bit of experience in the system -- like knowing how to log in and navigate -- CR Certification helps newer CentralReach users along the path toward maximum confidence and productivity in using the ABA software platform.


In any role. Many CentralReach Certifications are role-specific. Look for one (or more!) pertaining to the job roles your staff fulfill… and stay tuned for additional certifications, which are being released rapidly.

In closing...

Ready to reap the benefits of CR Certification? Take a course sequence and assessment, and gain recognition as a CentralReach Certified Professional today. Get Started.

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