Centralize and Manage Credit Card Payments Via an Integrated ABA Platform to Get Paid Faster while Securing Client Data

As an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy provider, you change and improve people’s lives every day. While your focus is to help clients reach their potential and learn how to develop and improve specific behaviors, you also need to consider the more tedious—but necessary—aspects of your practice. For example, is there a better and easier way for you to manage client payments? Can you leverage practice management software to streamline operations? How can you keep up with payment compliance and security? Is there a way to expedite payment processing and cash flow?

Here are three reasons why your ABA practice should consider managing payments through CentralReach’s end-to-end practice management software, now equipped with an integrated payment processing solution powered by Paragon Payment Solutions. 

1) Save Time & Simplify Payment Posting 

Whether you are a therapist and spend your time seeing clients or you focus on practice operations, after a long day, the tedious task of reconciling your books is probably not something you look forward to doing. With CentralReach’s integrated payment processing, your least favorite task has been streamlined and automated. 

When your practice manages payments using CentralReach, you’ll no longer need to devote hours to manually monitor credit card transactions and report them back into your software application as all practice management activities, including payment acceptance, is centralized within a single system—CentralReach! Simplify the collection of client payments by accepting all payment card types, including credit/debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, HSA, and FSA. Get back to focusing your time and effort where it matters – on your clients.

2) Accept Online Payments, Improve Client Billing & Better Your Bottom Line

Back to the topic of your least favorite things to do, collecting due or past due payments is probably right up there with the unfavorable reconciliation tasks discussed in reason number one. What if your clients could view and pay invoices directly from their Client Portal account? What if you could bill cards on file for completed or canceled sessions, or simply receive automatic updates to reissued or expired credit cards to avoid declined transactions? With CentralReach’s integrated payment processing featuring Tokenization (secure, offsite cardholder data storage) and Card Account Updater – you can! 

These powerful technologies reduce lost revenue and operational headaches by keeping payment information current.  After you implement Tokenization and Card Account Updater services, it won’t be long until your practice sees an increase in revenue from receiving payments on time from valid, accurate credit cards. 

3) Make Sure Payments Are Secure

We know you protect your clients’ information through HIPAA compliance, but are you handling sensitive payment data with the same care? Practices must not forget about the importance of payment card data security which includes mandatory compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). When your practice leverages CentralReach’s integrated payment processing solution powered by Paragon, a Level 1 PCI Compliant service provider, the process is simple. Paragon’s tokenization technology removes sensitive credit card information from your environment, transferring data storage responsibilities to Paragon while your practice retains card-on-file billing functionality. Since data thieves cannot steal what your practice doesn’t possess (credit card account information), your clients are protected and PCI compliance validation becomes remarkably easy.  

By now you may be asking yourself, how is Paragon really different than other providers out there? At CentralReach, we think long and hard prior to forming third party partnerships.  We expect our partners to share our commitment to delivering leading technology and services to help therapists and practice administrators produce superior client outcomes and have a track record to back it up. We’re pleased to introduce to you a company that shares our mission and whose management team pioneered integrated payments—Paragon Payment Solutions. With Paragon, a top 50 U.S. processor, you’ll enjoy a quick & easy account setup process, transparent, easy-to-understand pricing and PCI compliant technology to keep your clients’ credit card information safe. Most importantly, your practice can leverage an end-to-end solution to streamline service delivery from start to finish via one centralized platform designed for effective ABA—CentralReach. What are you waiting for? Learn more today at  paragonsolutions.com/centralreach.