Tracking authorizations to determine if you’re over-billing or under-utilizing staff can be time consuming and difficult if you’re using multiple systems. CentralReach makes it simple. We integrate scheduling, authorizations, billing, and productivity into one.

How can your system help my schedulers track authorizations and organize staff productivity?

Using CentrlReach authorizations, schedulers have the ability to quickly analyze staff productivity and client utilization. They can view each client’s authorization to compare hours authorized against those scheduled and/or worked. Think about how much time you could save with data at your fingertips to ensure clients are receiving the appropriate amount of treatment hours, rather than digging through multiple schedules or timesheets.


Also, administrative staff can review caseloads for each of their supervisors to compare performance and ensure each of them is meeting company standards. Staff who are not can be identified quickly for further training.

How do I maximize hours authorized using CentralReach?

First, our automated system reduces errors commonly found with manual authorizations tracking processes. You can eliminate hours of tedious work and simply get the numbers on paper, quickly review them and make determinations about whether or not additional staffing is needed or current staff are being over-scheduled.  Next, CentralReach allows you to maximize authorizations, which means you can utilize as many hours as possible with your given staff.  This is beneficial for two important reasons.

  • Providing the full amount of hours authorized means your clients are receiving the amount of treatment recommended to best meet their needs. This is good for overall care for the client and best business practices for you.
  • Maximizing authorizations means maximizing revenue as you provide the best possible care for each client. Tracking authorizations using our system will help you identify areas at risk for overbilling and prevent it.

How does all of this help me prevent overbilling?

Rather than bringing up each schedule weekly, schedulers can look at our authorizations module to organize employee calendars and assess which clients are under-scheduled. Any client with a red negative number has authorization hours remaining.  Knowing which clients have hours left is one way schedulers can prevent overbilling.


From within our scheduling module, staff will receive warnings if they attempt to schedule employees with more hours than authorized for a client. This tool is money because it saves time by reducing the need for your staff to use multiple systems to confirm authorized hours for clients. They simply track authorizations using the module and go about scheduling. Our system will do the rest, giving clear alerts when there is potential to overbill.

And to help prevent overbilling even more, we have a global authorizations module that allows management to drill-down and compare authorizations at the payor level. This tool gives you quick access to current utilization totals, along with a recommended amount of hours, dollars and units per month or week. Schedulers typically use this information to maximize remaining authorizations. Because our system takes the guesswork out of the process, schedulers know what they need to do to prevent overbilling and they get it done fast. The key to proper authorizations management is up-to-the-minute data that lets you assess your practice and make adjustments to ensure a streamlined operation. You can manage authorizations and a whole lot more with our practice management solutions.