"One of the main benefits of CentralReach for Stride Autism Centers is the all-in-one integration. CentalReach helped resolve the billing and scheduling struggles for this growing ABA provider."

Our team interviewed two BCBAs from Stride Autism Centers, Allison Canaday and Alyson Forbes. Read on to learn how creativity, passion, and the right software solution have created positive outcomes for the learners in Stride Autism Centers’ Early Intervention Program.


Stride Autism Centers is a growing organization with 16 locations across three states. Allison Canaday and Alyson Forbes work out of a Stride center in Iowa, which opened within the last few years. Stride Autism Centers support children ages 2-6 in developing vital life skills, including self-care, communication, and school-readiness skills.


When asked what Allison enjoys most about her job, she said, “I feel like every day is just a completely different experience. I love problem-solving, and I feel like that’s so much of our job. And just getting CentralReach creative and being thoughtful and unique with all the different processes that we put together for our clients on a daily basis.” Alyson shared that her favorite part of the job is watching the enormous impacts they make on the children’s lives.


Challenges of a Growing Practice

As a growing practice, scheduling and billing quickly became a challenge, taking up a significant amount of time that could be better spent. Stride Autism Centers needed a better solution to simplify scheduling and billing for a rapidly growing company. This is where CentralReach came in to streamline all aspects of care, from data collection to scheduling and billing and everything in between. With CentralReach, Stride Autism Centers has been able to spend more time and energy on what matters most – client care.


One of the main benefits of CentralReach for Stride Autism Centers is the all-in-one integration. CentalReach helped resolve the billing and scheduling struggles for this growing ABA provider. The single interface for scheduling, billing, clinical work, messaging, and more has benefited Stride’s ability to provide effective care.


What initially stood out to Allison about CentralReach was its user-friendliness. She further adds, “we've looked into a few direct competitors, and I think Central Reach just stands out as far as its user accessibility and the integration it has with different assessments and being able to pull learning trees into writing reports.”

Client Success

Providing exceptional care is always at the forefront for Stride Autism Centers. Alyson shares one recent success story with us. Her team was working on simple motor imitation with a child. The target involved tapping on a wagon the learner enjoys riding. Her team had variable success with this target, and it took longer than typical for the learner to master. Alyson took a video of an RBT accurately conducting the goal. She then uploaded it to CentralReach, where all team members could watch it. This ensured everyone was on board with implementing the protocol in the same way. The learner mastered the imitation target shortly thereafter.


Looking Ahead

As Stride Autism Centers continue to grow, they look forward to what’s to come. Alyson is looking forward to the next CentralReach Unite conference. She says she’s hoping to gain new ideas and resources that she can take back to her company to benefit their clients. She also hopes to develop a deeper understanding of CentralReach’s benefits and how they can better apply them to be more efficient in their practices.


Allison and Alyson recommend CentralReach for all ABA providers. Allison says she recommends CentralReach for “anyone who is looking for a really streamlined and collaborative way to approach programming for any client.”