Backgrounds and past experiences differ for each employee at CentralReach, and the members of the ReachOut team are no different. We asked the young man who currently graces the front page of the CentralReach login screen to give us some insight into his experience at CR so far.

James joined CentralReach in February of 2017 as the newest member of the ReachOut team. James was diagnosed as a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He enjoys life as a family man with loving support from his parents, sister, brother, and dog Chokito. He works as a Data Entry Specialist while also helping with lead generation in Business Development. He is a highly valuable member of CentralReach, and much of what happens with onboarding new organizations could not get done without James’ help.

I recently sat down with James to get his candid views on what it’s been like to join the CentralReach team.  Below is my Q&A with him.

Q: Now let’s go back to before you joined CentralReach. What was it like to be interviewed for this position during the recruiting process?

I felt confident talking about what I like to do and how I can work. This job is a good fit for me because I enjoy working with computers. CentralReach was the first and only place I interviewed, and I was really hoping I would get the job.  I was excited to receive the call that I got the job.

Q: What work experience did you have before joining CentralReach?

I graduated high school in 2016 so working at CentralReach is my first job. I liked school, and my favorite subjects were math and electives that had a variety of activities.  I love my job at CentralReach very much because it gives me financial independence, and I get to learn new skills I never had.

Q: What new skills or knowledge have you acquired while working here?

I am a quiet person, but I like that working at CentralReach allows me to talk with people more often.  Working here has helped with my social skills.  When I gain more skills for work, I get more experience to do my job better. I get to succeed.

Q: How did you adapt to working at CentralReach?

I enjoy computers, and I like how I get to work with computers and do my job as a Data Entry Specialist. I worked with Rob first in Business Development and then with Katy in Data Entry.  I like working here more than being a student in school because I feel more productive. This is where I want to work, and it’s perfect for me.

Q: How would you describe your supervisor, Katy?

Katy is awesome, and she’s a great supervisor!  We talk throughout the day, and she gives me guidance and answers any questions that I have.  It’s also great that I am part of a team that works together and can learn from each other.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about working at CentralReach?

I really enjoy adding and doing the updates on every new contact that comes into CentralReach. I learned how to use excel and powerpoint previously, and now I get to use those skills at work. I also like doing research on new companies and practices that might be interested in CentralReach.

Q: One last question…in this picture, it looks like you are listening to music. What type of music do you like?

I like to listen to music while I work. I like to listen to pop rock and classic songs. Bon Jovi and Journey are two of my favorite bands.

James’ answers speak to how naturally he has fit in at CentralReach.  We are thankful to have him on board and excited to expand the ReachOut team as we continue to grow.  For anyone looking to start their own ReachOut Initiative, read Katy’s tips for getting started.