Message from CentralReach SVP of Marketing: Stop Hate for Profit


Karen Bucks-Parisi, SVP Marketing, CentralReach


As an organization, CentralReach stands against violence, racism, and hatred. It has become and will continue to be a critical practice embedded in each and every facet of the organization. It is a practice that requires CentralReach as the Applied Behavior Analysis EMR market leader, to speak up and take action when we see major issues arise that impact our employees, our customers, and the ABA community at large.


We take this responsibility very seriously. One of the ways we hold ourselves accountable is by regularly reviewing our marketing strategies, including the third-party partners and vendors we work with, and how they directly or indirectly impact the very issues we stand against. This is iterative and ongoing.


With this in mind, today, we voice our concerns over the spread and amplification of hate and misinformation that is actively happening on Facebook. As advertisers on Facebook, CentralReach can no longer sit by and invest dollars into a platform that continues to fail to do its part in change. And, while Facebook has committed to some change, it’s not nearly enough nor is it happening fast enough.


Thus, we have made the decision to suspend all advertising spend with Facebook for at least the month of July in support of Stop Hate for Profit - a campaign backed by the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League which provides actionable recommendations to Facebook on ways to combat this issue more definitively. We ask Facebook to take action on these recommendations and be the leader that they can be in the fight against systemic racism.


All organizations, ourselves included, must do better if we are to create change.