The combination of CentralReach’s market-leading EMR and Avail Support’s evidence-based digital content management and data collection platform serving the education, employment services, and adult transition services markets, make it possible for neurodiverse individuals of any age to receive care, learning assistance, employment support, and transitional guidance to enable more independent living.


Matawan, NJ | CentralReach, the leading provider of electronic medical record (EMR), practice management, and clinical solutions that enable Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and related behavioral health practices to deliver quality autism care for superior outcomes, today announced the acquisition of Irish-based Avail Support Limited, an award-winning provider of evidence-based digital content management and data collection solutions serving the education, employment support services, and adult transition services markets. The acquisition will bolster CentralReach’s already market-leading, end-to-end solution, making it the most robust platform to serve the needs of neurodiverse individuals of any age, in any setting.


What is avail®
Avail Support’s online and interactive platform, avail®, provides tailored training and ongoing support for neurodiverse individuals with Autism, developmental disabilities, learning difficulties, brain injuries, mental health diagnoses, and cognitive disabilities to learn the skills needed to live more independent lives.


Using Applied Behavior Analysis methodologies and evidence-based interventions, the platform provides a personalized learning plan based on the needs of the individual, learning through repetition, built in assessments and individual reports, remote prompting, and additional skills when prior skills are mastered. The solution can be used both independently and as a supplement to professionally-delivered clinical care and can be deployed in multiple settings: in schools to accelerate learning outcomes, for employers looking to better support and expand neurodiversity programs, and for behavioral health providers to expand capacity to serve more clients.


“I’m thrilled to welcome Avail Support and its founder, Lisa Marie, to the team,” said CentralReach CEO Chris Sullens. “In an era where the delivery of individual care is more capacity constrained than ever before as waitlists for behavioral health services grow, students wait for individual teacher attention, and employer training and support doesn’t account for neurodiversity, avail® enables neurodiverse individuals to increase their independence by taking more direct control of their learning and skill acquisition. The combination of CentralReach and avail® stands to disrupt the behavioral health software market and how the future of care is delivered.”


Schools using the avail® platform have reported that the platform reduces the need for 1-on-1 special education assistance, improving learning outcomes and successes.
The avail® platform acts as a personal teaching assistant for students with varied learning needs, providing them with discreet, personalized content at the touch of a button. Teachers can easily create Individual Education Plans (IEP) goals utilizing avail® multimedia prompts. Schools using avail® have reported that using the platform reduces the need for one to one assistance, while enhancing learning both in the classroom and in the community.


“In an era in which high quality web-based personalized learning solutions are urgently needed and hard to come by, avail® stands out for its accessibility and rich content in promoting student independence,” commented Dr. Anthony Giordano, Superintendent Mansfield Township School District, New Jersey.


Employers, like TJ Maxx, are increasing Neurodiversity Programs thanks to avail®.
With unemployment rates for people with a disability upwards of 85%, CentralReach and Avail Support are on a mission to get more neurodiverse talent back in the market by enabling employers to expand neurodiversity programs at a faster rate. Through the platform, employers can easily develop onboarding programs that better define employment duties and skills, provide digital training content tailored for the individual employee to review tasks and instructions on an ongoing basis, and track progress directly within the app to ensure the employee has the resources they need to succeed. Employees can access the app directly on a tablet, computer, phone giving them the confidence, ownership of learning, and support to work independently in real-time and in a discreet, self-directed way.


Behavioral health providers can help more clients on their waitlists.
With behavioral health services often in high demand, individuals are often placed on waitlists until clinicians are available. With waitlists as long as 6 months in some cases, the avail® platform enables behavioral health providers to increase the capacity of the clients they serve with a solution perfect for those on waitlists, waiting for access to care.


“This was the obvious next step for avail®,” commented Avail Support’s Founder and CEO, Lisa Marie Clinton. “The avail® platform was born out of a need to revolutionize how we support neurodiverse individuals, to equip them with the tools to self-manage their day and have ownership. With CentralReach as the leader in the space with nearly 100,000 users serving over 200,000 neurodiverse clients, we know that, as one company, we could help neurodiverse individuals realize their full potential and live more independent lives, faster. I’m thrilled to join Chris and the larger CentralReach family. Our work has just begun!”


With early investment and support from Enterprise Ireland, a Government agency responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets, Avail Support created an award-winning product, validated the market need and gained early market momentum. Niall McEvoy, HPSU ICT Accelerate Department Manager at Enterprise Ireland said, “This is very positive news for Avail Support founder Lisa Marie Clinton and her team.  Since its early days Avail Support has been assisted by first, the Local Enterprise Office in Monaghan and then through Enterprise Ireland.  As a High Potential Start-up company, Enterprise Ireland was proud to back Avail Support’s innovation and vision, knowing its capacity to make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of neurodiverse people with Autism, learning difficulties, and brain injuries.  This acquisition will see the use of Avail Support’s platform expand, particularly in the US.  We welcome the fact that the Avail Support team will continue to be based in Ireland following the acquisition.”


CentralReach will continue to offer avail® as a standalone solution to the education,  employer, and adult transition services markets and as an integrated solution with its market-leading EMR for ABA and behavioral health provider organizations to supplement in person services with digital at-home curricula and support. CentralReach will expand the current Avail Support team to support its growth across America. If interested in learning more about the avail® platform or scheduling a demo, contact the team at:


About Avail Support.
Avail Support is a multi-award-winning global healthtech company. Since launching in 2017 it has established a global customer base, delivering evidence based programmes to individuals with cognitive related disabilities. Today, avail®'s expanding library of evidence-based programmes and content creation address a broad spectrum of disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning Difficulties, Brian Injury and has the potential to support those with Dementia. Over 15 years of academic research and clinically led randomised controlled trials (RCT) demonstrate avail®’s programmes are extremely effective and provide positive outcomes on a par with face-to-face support. For more information, contact

About CentralReach

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