A Message from CentralReach CEO, Chris Sullens


Last Friday was a devastating day for women’s rights across the U.S.


With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which provided a guaranteed constitutional right to an abortion, the way has been paved for states to take action to limit or even ban the procedure altogether. 22 states have already started to take action. Debate aside, this decision is a major setback in reproductive rights, health equity, and gender equality for women. 


As a husband and father of two daughters, I'm incredibly saddened by what this means for all of the women in my life. As the CEO of CentralReach, which has an employee base of 55% women, I'm saddened by the impact this might have on my employees.  And, this is yet another blow to the less fortunate and underprivileged among us as it disproportionately affects them the most.


This is one of those times that we can't be silent. We must take action. And as such, I wanted to share that CentralReach is committed to providing our employees and their families with equitable access to healthcare in every way we possibly can. While we have always been committed to providing strong reproductive health benefits including those that support family planning such as IVF and whole maternity leave, we will also be reviewing additional benefits in light of this decision to see what enhancements we can make to provide further support to our employees in this other area.


Our employee's health and wellness will always remain one of our highest priorities.