Pompano Beach, Florida – November 21, 2019 – CentralReach, the leading provider of electronic medical record (EMR) technology and practice management solutions that enable over 80,000 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) clinicians and educators to produce superior outcomes for people with autism and behavioral disorders, today announced the rebrand and relaunch of its acquired real-time behavior change analytics software, Chartlytics, to CentralReach PrecisionX, or CR PrecisionX.

CR PrecisionX arms clinicians with the power to make and measure real-time decisions and adjust a client’s clinical treatment plan accordingly using a digitized version of the Standard Celeration Chart. With increased frequency in quality decision making that is closer to the point of care, clinicians can positively transform the developmental trajectories of people on the autism spectrum.

“This is an exciting moment for precision measurement and the ABA community at large,” said Chris Sullens, CEO of CentralReach. “Increasing the frequency and quality of decision making for CentralReach behavior clinicians and technicians will help learners — many of them children on the spectrum — live richer, more independent lives. It will also serve to make clinicians more efficient and effective in their decision making to more quickly overcome any potential gaps in the skills of the learners – a benefit that should be welcomed given the capacity constraint that currently exists with only 36,000 Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) available to serve the millions of people with autism.”

This relaunch represents just one of the many investments CentralReach is making into the advancement of the ABA therapy with transformative methodologies, content and software. Earlier this year, the company launched its research, content and educational arm, CR Institute, to spearhead ABA research, develop and offer ongoing education with an ever-growing library of hundreds of continuing education courses, fully-digital clinical programming, ABA consulting, training and much more, all with the sole purpose of propelling ABA therapy forward.

About CentralReach

CentralReach is a leading provider of end-to-end practice management and clinical solutions that enable applied behavior analysis (ABA) clinicians and educators to produce superior outcomes for people with autism. The company is revolutionizing the ABA space with cutting-edge solutions including precision teaching, clinical data collection, scheduling, billing, learning management, fully digital evidence-based programming and more. Trusted by more than 85,000 clinicians and educators, CentralReach is committed to ongoing product improvement, market-leading industry expertise, world-class client satisfaction, and support of the ABA community to propel industry practitioners into a new era of excellence. For more information, please visit centralreach.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and, Twitter @CentralReach.

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