Newly rebranded industry leader creates Autism and IDD Care Software™ category to better meet the unique software needs of the lifelong autism and IDD care journey.


Fort Lauderdale, FL – May 11, 2022 – CentralReach today announced the creation of a new category, Autism and IDD Care Software, to address the need for solutions to support the lifelong care journey for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). The company also revealed a major rebrand to better reflect its commitment to the autism and IDD community and those who serve them.


The two announcements come at a time when the demand for autism and IDD care is at an all-time high but access to evidence-based, quality care and learning continues to be constrained due to a shortage of professionals and inadequate solutions serving the space.


The Growing Autism and IDD Care Gap™

Reports estimate a 77% shortage in clinicians in most states, a shortage in special education teachers across 71% of school districts, and an immeasurable shortage of trained job coaches contributing to the 80% unemployment rate for adults with an IDD. To exacerbate the issue, organizations are using manual, disparate, or generic software solutions not designed for autism and IDD care that make it difficult to maximize resources and scale processes to meet service demands for clinical care.


The impact has left therapy providers with 6+ month waitlists, schools struggling to deliver consistent learning to support IEP goals, and employers unable to retain a neurodiverse employee base - all of which are further expanding the Autism and IDD Care Gap.


Developing Technology Designed for Autism and IDD Care Can Help Close the Gap

“The makeup of autism and IDD care has changed rapidly through the years, extending well beyond childhood interventions,” said CEO of CentralReach, Chris Sullens. “With over 2,500 customers that employ over 125,000 passionate individuals who serve almost half of all learners who receive ABA services today, CentralReach has a window into how these trends are unfolding in a way no other software provider does and we've seen that our customer base delivers care in a variety of settings to a variety of ages. To be successful, these ABA providers, therapists, teachers and job coaches need integrated, purpose-built software solutions that enable them to unlock the potential of the individuals they work with in an effective and cost-efficient way. And, while the industry has grown significantly over the past 5-10 years, I believe we are only scratching the surface of care delivery, and technology can create a path towards unlocking that full potential so we can begin to make progress towards closing the Autism and IDD Care Gap for good.”


CentralReach’s award-winning solution, the Autism and IDD Care Platform™, is the only complete, end-to-end software and services platform that helps children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) - and those who serve them - unlock potential, achieve better outcomes, and live more independent lives.


Purpose-Built Solutions Made for Each Care Setting

The Autism and IDD Care Platform is made up of three purpose-built solutions designed for each care setting. The first is the Autism and IDD Care Platform for Therapy Providers, which manages the entire end-to-end operations of clinical care delivery including practice management, clinical data collection, managed billing, learning management, automated scheduling, advanced analytics, assistive technology, outcomes-based assessments and curricula, and much more.


The second is the Autism and IDD Care Platform for Special Education, which manages the delivery of ABA and related therapies in schools including assessment and IEP goal management, data collection, assistive technology, advanced analytics, and more.


The third is the Autism and IDD Care Platform for Employment and Adult Services, which is designed to support and empower individuals with an IDD at work and daily living, from initial assessment and goal setting to one-to-one skills training and much more.


Creating a Brand to Align to an Expanded Mission

Alongside the category announcement, the company also revealed a major rebrand. The new look and feel debuted on the website on May 11th and will be updated on select product pages in the upcoming weeks.


“We wanted our brand to more closely align to our mission and commitment to the autism and IDD community,” commented Karen Bucks-Parisi, Senior Vice President of Marketing at CentralReach. “The passion and heart we have for this industry courses through every aspect of our company - the people we hire, the products we build, and the customers we serve and now, we finally have a visual representation that captures that. This is just the beginning of the new CentralReach.”


For more information about CentralReach and the Autism and IDD Care Platform™, read more here.