Fort Lauderdale, Florida – July 15th, 2020 – CentralReach, the leading provider of electronic medical record (EMR) software and services that enable over 85,000 applied behavior analysis (ABA) clinicians and educators to produce superior outcomes for people with autism, today announced the launch of a new advanced, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)-compliant mobile application - CR Mobile. Powerful and intuitive, CR Mobile allows ABA practices to manage their clinical workflow on-the-go to better deliver quality care that’s fully reimbursable wherever services are provided - in-home, in-center, and in-school.


Available for purchase with the CentralReach clinical and practice management web-based platform, CR Mobile provides a number of premium benefits designed for ABA practices to scale and improve care delivery starting with its intuitive functionality that make it easy to onboard and engage staff by providing the tools needed to make their jobs easier. With instant access to appointment schedules, contact details, and cancellations, staff can quickly maximize productivity out in the field while also improving treatment fidelity with real-time up-to-date ABA data sheets complete with instructional details and graphs to track learners’ progress. CR Mobile also comes with built-in checks and balances throughout the workflow that allow practices to bill faster and more accurately for services rendered to maximize first pass resolution and overall reimbursement rates.


Additionally, CR Mobile is EVV compliant and meets the federally-mandated requirements for Medicaid-reimbursed services to electronically verify and maintain audit tracks of details including: type of service performed, the individual receiving the service, staff providing the service, date of service provided, geolocation of service delivery, and the geotagged start and end times of the service. With EVV-compliance deadlines looming, some as early as August 2020, practices could face financial loss if non-compliant, risking their ability to accept Medicaid as a funding source and reducing the pool of clients they can serve, which would be a detriment to families that rely heavily on Medicaid coverage for ABA and autism care. With EVV compliance embedded directly within CR Mobile, practices can confidently meet the burden of proof that state Medicaid agencies are requiring, without having to introduce operational inefficiencies through third-party apps, manual verification, or double data entry associated with disintegrated systems.


“There are many clinical and financial hurdles ABA owners face when trying to scale services compliantly that we wanted to eliminate with the launch of CR Mobile,” said CEO, Chris Sullens. “In an industry plagued by high turnover, practices see unmanageable costs associated with time spent on training and loss of productivity, so we built CR Mobile to be intuitive enough to learn quickly while also embedding automations that make the aba data collection process easier ultimately improving staff engagement and satisfaction, and hopefully reducing turnover in the long run. Similarly, when staff is in the field, it’s hard for practices to have proper oversight into the data collection process to ensure all required data is collected for compliance and billing purposes but with CR Mobile, we created built-in checks and balances to ensure the right clinical and data collection processes are followed every step of the way to ensure maximum reimbursement. The CR Mobile application gives practices a path to scale their services confidently and successfully.”


This marks the third new product release in the past 6 months. In Q1 2020,  the company acquired and launched Thread by CentralReach, a powerful but intuitive, offline-capable clinical solution for ABA practices and schools. In April 2020, the company launched a free version of Thread that was available to unemployed clinicians looking to continue delivering care independently and maintain income during the COVID-19 crisis.

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