CentralReach now features advanced graphing functionality to analyze client progress over different periods of time. These graphs allow users to quickly analyze data with scatter plots or line graphs to understand behaviors and progress over time.
See above, for example scatter plot in line graph form.

On the practice management side, we’ve added the ability to find missing claims and make electronic claims painless to process. When funding sources do not send all of the appropriate claims details in an ERA, CentralReach will match these orphaned payments by looking at client name, date of service, member ID, etc., with the appropriate billing entries. This new feature provides time-saving workflows while ensuring accuracy.

Lastly, our new HIPAA-secure, instant messaging feature, ReachMe will soon be available for all current CentralReach organizations. We are initially releasing ReachMe for a free beta period. This new feature allows you to live chat directly with connected employees through our HIPAA-secure platform. Additionally, ReachMe provides organizations the option to open up a secure-chat forum with clients directly through CR.