Discussing the Impact of the Component-Composite Relationship & CentralReach’s Upcoming User Conference: CR Unite 19

In this month’s episode, hosts Rick Kubina and Doug Kostewicz sit down with Kerri Milyko, BCBA-D, LBA of The Learning Consultants to discuss the impact of the element compound relationship (or component-composite relationship) and how it can be used to build the foundation for behaviors.

Dr. Milyko explains how if learners do not have the basic skills and are not fluent in foundational behaviors, then learners will have an extremely difficult time advancing their skills and continuing to learn. For example, if children are not fluent with compound or composite skills like holding a pencil or writing their name, then it will be extremely difficult for those composite skills or compounds to ever become proficient, and therefore, nearly impossible for the learner to build on and enhance their learning opportunities.

CentralReach Director of Research Dr. Rick Kubina, Ph.D., BCBA-D and Kerri Milyko, BCBA-D, LBA, will both be keynote panelists at CentralReach’s upcoming User Conference: CR Unite 19. At the premiere ABA event, Kerri and Rick will also discuss key themes, trends, and ideas that will be shaping the future of ABA and that they’ll be exploring with 300 attendees in Las Vegas.

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