As many schools make the transition from paper to digital data collection, another consideration arises - should you switch your assessment to digital as well?? As with digital data collection, the benefits of digital assessments are vast. Read on to learn about 7 key benefits of switching from paper to digital assessments.

1. Increase Efficiency 

With a digital assessment tool, you can score as you assess, eliminating unnecessary busy work. Gone are the days of taking assessment data home with you after school to count boxes and score by hand! Manually scoring assessments can increase the chances of human error such as miscalculating the score. This can impact your understanding of your student’s strengths and weaknesses.

2. Reduce Staff Burnout 

Behavior analysts have the challenging job of balancing endless non-billable responsibilities with pressures to achieve targeted billable requirements. Streamlining and digitizing processes, including assessments, can take a great deal of work off of your staff’s plates. With high rates of burnout and turnover in the behavioral health field, small steps to improve job satisfaction can make a big difference.

3. Compliant Record-Keeping 

Paper assessments run an increased risk of HIPAA violations. Therapists might need to transport them in their vehicles from a client’s home to the clinic. Or they may unintentionally leave them laying on a desk in the clinic, opening them up to the increased risk of unauthorized people seeing their client’s assessment data. You can reduce these unnecessary risks with a HIPAA-compliant digital assessment platform. Have peace of mind that your assessment data is secure.

4. Increase Time Spent With Clients 

When processes are streamlined, the greatest benefits are felt by the clients. Increased efficiency in assessments results in more time spent doing what matters most–providing high-quality, effective care to your clients.

5. Streamlined Assessment to Goal Process

With paper assessments, the process of conducting an assessment, analyzing the results, identifying goals, then finally writing and initiating the goals can be quite lengthy. Digital assessments allow for a much more streamlined approach. You can seamlessly generate automated reports on the skill areas assessed, allowing you to quickly make data-informed decisions and target skill acquisition goals.  

6. Collaboration 

With digital assessments, you can easily share your learner’s assessment results with the members of their care team, as well as parents and caregivers. Eliminate the risks associated with sharing assessment grids via email and enhance your collaboration efforts with secure and seamless sharing.

7. Enhanced Features 

Another benefit of digital assessments that can’t be overlooked is the many enhanced features that are not available with the paper versions. Digital assessments offer reporting and analytics to clearly visualize skills and areas of need within each skill domain. This allows you to easily monitor progress and report to funding sources on your learner’s skill development.

Make the Switch to Digital Assessments

With so many benefits to digital assessments, now is the perfect time to get rid of your paper assessments and make the switch. If you’re ready to give digital assessments a try, schedule a consultation with one of our experts today to learn more about how digital assessments can benefit your organization.