I am incredibly saddened by the injustice in our country that has occurred for far too long and recognize the need for us all to play a part in challenging the status quo. CentralReach as an organization and I as the CEO stand in solidarity with the Black community, our employees, our friends and family members who are voicing their anguish, anger, and deep frustration with the systemic racism that plagues society. Bottom line: Black Lives Matter. CentralReach stands against violence, racism, and hatred. We remain committed to driving forward equity for all minorities and those marginalized.


CentralReach and the broader Applied Behavior Analysis community has a responsibility to stand up and drive change. Let us remember:

  • We can’t advocate for the care of children and adults with autism and related disorders, if we don’t also advocate for Black children and adults with autism and related disorders.

  • We can’t advocate for their parents, if we aren’t also standing with Black mothers and fathers who fear for their childrens’ lives.

  • We can’t encourage more people to become BCBAs to serve the growing demand for services, if we don’t also encourage Black men and women to do the same.

  • We can’t be supportive of each other, without also being supportive of our Black colleagues and friends.

As an organization, we are committed to reinforcing our CR values with our team, now more than ever: challenging the status quo, doing the right thing, humble professionalism, and always treating each other with respect and compassion, while embracing the differences that make us the great team we are, in and out of the office. I commit to all of you that CentralReach will continue to evolve our equal opportunity hiring practices, expand diversity and inclusion initiatives, and create an equitable environment for all. CentralReach will also match any employee donations made in support of causes designed to create equity. If you’d also like to get involved, consider this list of organizations that are helping.


It’s also time for us all to increase and sharpen our knowledge on the issues at hand and commit to taking action to disassemble both the overt and subtle practices that support the systemic racism that has come to bleed into all aspects of our society. For things to change, we need to be proactive. Here are some resources that I’ve come across that I recommend to read or listen to.


Overcoming Conversation Roadblocks


Raising Equity: How to Talk to Kids About Racism Webinar


Subscribe to the Fortune Newsletter “raceAhead” that discusses culture and diversity in the workplace.


I encourage you to join me and CentralReach’s commitment to create a more equitable nation for the Black community and all minorities that are marginalized and oppressed. Together, we can change the future of our country and the next generation.


Kind Regards,
Chris Sullens
CEO of CentralReach

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