CR BillMax Services™: trusted managed ABA billing services for your practice.

We take care of your billing so you can take care of your clients.

CR Billmax

Outsource your billing operations, prepare for success.

Take the trial and error out of billing and focus on what matters most: caring for your clients. CR BillMax will optimize your processes, increase claims acceptance, and quicken reimbursements. Get back to doing what you do best, while our team of experts works to improve your bottom line.


Maximize revenue.

BillMax delivers a streamlined start for successful ABA billing. A thorough evaluation of your practice's revenue cycle management processes, followed by an optimal, best-practice setup of your billing system, ensures claims are processed quickly and correctly - getting you paid faster.

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No money left behind.

We make sure you collect everything you're owed by using industry-specific best practices. From the initial claim submission to payment posting and deposit reconciliation, we expertly manage back-office operations and communication with payors, ensuring no money is left on the table.

Fully managed billing services.

Business success depends on your billing operations. Outsource your billing to a team of proven experts that specialize in ABA, fluent in all of its industry-specific intricacies. Serve clients as we manage and optimize your billing. Nervous about outsourcing?

Here's why you shouldn't be.

The Top ABA Trends for 2022

Keep up with the latest in the industry.

Best-in-Class ABA Billing

Proven, expert methodologies.

Our BillMax experts implement workflows proven to maximize revenue and take you one step closer to a positive cash flow.

Optimized claims processing.

BillMax takes claims scrubbing to the next level. We have the experience to ensure your practice collects the highest potential revenue.

Higher paid percentages.

Our top customers see up to a 96% paid percentage rate. Our BillMax experts work diligently to maximize your reimbursements using expert methodology.

Full transparency and access.

No hidden processes. You have real-time access to billing, receivables, payments, and claims statuses from within your CentralReach ABA software.

Proven track record.

Enjoy the ability to tap into experienced billing professionals with successful track records of implementing best-in-class billing in ABA practices.

ABA Billing Software Training.

Attend live workshops and training sessions with our experts. Arm your team with next-level billing expertise and best practices.