Join us for a great webinar on CentralReach’s new feature for Eligibility and Insurance Verification via Office Ally! Join us as we walk you through the RealTime Insurance Verification Feature. With this new feature, your claims process will be smoother and faster because we will be able to identify gaps in patient coverage and help to decrease denial rates – which means speedy claim payments are just a few clicks away!

A great webinar on CentralReach’s new and improved Goal List found in the Clinical Dashboard. Join Gregory Paquette, M.S., BCBA as he walks current and prospective users alike through the ins and outs of the Goal List. CentralReach’s Goal List has been advanced in terms of speed and functionality and will house important and useful features from the Goal Dashboard, as that tool is now being retired. Have no fear, all the tools you have come to love, and more, will be housed in the Goals List. For newer users who have subscribed to clinical auditing, don’t miss this important training webinar!

Join Gregory Paquette, M.S., BCBA, as he walks through best practices use of Task Analysis in Clinical Data Collection & Learning Management. New advancements include ways to present untrained steps in forward and backward chains, as well as a new graph type to analyze independence of steps over time. New and experienced users alike will benefit from the new tools and best practices information!

CR People – A Training on Human Resources Module in CentralReach.n.

The newest feature for clinical teams to utilize in CentralReach is ABC Data Collection. Integrated directly into our clinical platform, learn how to create programs and run sessions with our new ABC functionality in this webinar. The presentation will be followed by a Q & A session.

Watch this webinar recording to learn how a basic form or note template is created. In this webinar, a BACB Experience Supervision Form, which includes the BACB task list, is created.

Watch the recording of this webinar to learn a new workflow in CentralReach’s data collection platform that allows users to privately share library templates with other colleagues for collaboration with template creation.

This webinar covers basic functionality and best practices of building clinical Notes & Forms templates in CentralReach.

This webinar focused on creating notes and forms with service codes. Attendees learned how easy CentralReach can make the process of linking the proper documentation to the appropriate service types.

The video is Part 1 of CentralReach’s 5-Part Business Optimization Express Webinar Series. Watch this webinar recording to learn how several features in CentralReach work together to make onboarding and retaining staff easier than ever.