2019 CPT Codes for ABA Billing: FAQs and Resources for Success

Get ready for the 2019 CPT® codes for Adaptive Behavior Analysis. On September 5, 2018 the American Medical Association CPT Editorial Panel announced new CPT codes, including 10 new codes for ABA billing. These codes will take effect and be available for use effective January 1, 2019, but payors may implement them over various time Read More…

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Which Points to Display? ABA Data Options In Chartlytics

Data functions as the lifeblood of behavior analysis. How does a practicing behavior analyst know if a particular intervention worked? Data. By what means do behavior analytic journals evaluate the effectiveness of experiments? Data. And in what manner do insurance companies assess the medical necessity for behavior analytic services? If you said data, right again! Read More…

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More than flashcards: Using SAFMEDS to help ABA Staff

How do people achieve fluency, or true mastery with content area knowledge? For example, subjects like biology, statistics, physics, and history all possess their own vocabulary and concepts. Mastering abstract information such as the Linnaean Taxonomy (biology), probability (statistics), velocity (physics), or the branches of the government (American history) pose challenges to all students. Many Read More…

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The Current State of Autism and Where CentralReach Stands

Just this past April, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) released their most recent autism rates findings which stated that about 1 in 59 8-year-old children in 11 communities (more than 300,000 children) across the United States were identified as having autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to the report published earlier this month Read More…

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CentralReach’s Nikki Holway on Using Technology to Nurture Special Ed Connections Featured on eSchool News!

That it “takes a village” is commonly accepted when it comes to educating children, and the axiom rings especially true when a child has special needs. Students with special needs often learn in non-traditional ways. The adults responsible for their development face unique challenges, as well as successes–they’re constantly pursuing novel ways to make things Read More…

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3 Essential Steps for Completing Your CEUs

Another great read from bSci21 giving you 3 ways to get your CEUs completed! Stop procrastinating and get your CEUs done with these 3 easy steps.  CentralReach offers a marketplace where you can get CEUs from a variety of qualified providers.  With new courses being added each month, you can find affordable and the most up-to-date Read More…

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Practice Management & Clinical Data Collection Software To Scale Your Business

CentralReach is pleased to be featured in bSci21 showcasing how an ABA Agency scaled their practice using our practice management and clinical data collection software! As Dr. Barbara Endlich of BAE explains to bSci21, “From the perspective of a BCBA, the real power of CentralReach comes from the data analytics capabilities that enable BCBAs and Read More…

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How CentralReach Is Employing Adults On The Spectrum.

The ReachOut program is a recent initiative we are very proud about here at CentralReach. It’s a way we give back to the community we serve by providing employment opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum. The program is called ReachOut and is the vision of our CEO, Charlotte Fudge and is an initiative we Read More…

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