LiftEd Plus Frontline

A simpler way to manage your IEP and classroom data.

Integration between Frontline and CR LiftEd brings your data together, in one place, for a complete student picture.

Specifically designed using the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA), CR LiftEd and Frontline integration supports data collection that meets the educational and behavioral needs of students with autism and IDD.

  • Collect and store data in one secure place
  • Achieve and maintain compliance standards
  • Increase transparency for staff, students, and families
  • Improve student outcomes with tailored software

The benefits of a direct IEP and classroom data integration:

Teachers Technology

Data-Informed Decisions

With robust reporting capabilities, teams have deeper insight into student progress, enhancing their ability to make data-informed decisions.

Achieve and Maintain Compliance

With CR LiftEd, compliance requirements for IEPs are easily achieved and maintained.

Easier Data Collection

CR LiftEd simplifies and centralizes student IEP, ABA, and behavior data collection in the classroom, aligning with the demographic and IEP information pushed from Frontline.

Secure Student Records

Reduce risk by keeping all student data secure in one location, for all team members to access.

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