Term, Termination and Return of Data Policy FAQ

Service Termination and Return of Data Policies

The following information outlines CentralReach’s policies for Term, Termination, and Return of Data Policies. This page is regularly updated as new product features are made available or industry regulations changed. Customers are encouraged to review policies often for changes.

Refund or Credits for Cancellation

As noted in the Pricing Policy, CentralReach will not refund or credit subscriptions for partial month with employee account deactivation or organizational account cancellation.

Term and Termination

Unless the duration of services is otherwise noted in a written agreement between both parties, CentralReach’s software services are charged month-to-month and may be terminated by either party with or without cause provided 15 days advance notice. Customer termination notices should be made in writing to the Customer’s Account Manager or via email to accounts@centralreach.com. Accounts where the Customer has discontinued services through non-payment of the current or previous month’s account balance will by default be considered inactive and terminated on the 41st day (30 days plus a 10 day grace period). All accounts (organizational, employee, or client) which do not demonstrate login for 30 days will also be considered inactive and terminated on the 31st day.

Data Export at Termination

The Customer is responsible for exporting all client and employee data prior to the termination of their subscription agreement (or last billing cycle). Exported data is provided to the Customer in an Excel (.XLS), Microsoft Word (.DOC), or Comma Separated Values File (.CSV) depending on the module. Customers can seek support for data export prior to termination from their Account Manager. Requests for additional, custom data exports can be made at anytime, but are subject to CentralReach’s applicable development charges for time and materials.

Data Retention Period Post Termination

CentralReach will retain all data for an additional minimum 60 days post service termination as a safeguard in case the client requires more information, including those account terminated due to non-payment or inactivity. This 60 days is known as the Data Retention Period. Customers will be responsible during this post termination period to make all requests for additional data exports in writing to CentralReach as account access may be restricted. After the 60 day post termination period expires, CentralReach will appropriately remove or delete any Customer data that contains Protected Health Information (PHI). It is the Customer’s responsibility to comply with all state and HIPAA regulatory medical records requirements, which may be up to 10 years depending the state.

This page was last updated on February 9, 2017.