Special education solutions that drive student success.

Get IEP-ready with cutting-edge technology for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) care and independent learning... in and out of the classroom.

Personalized solutions that fill education gaps, facilitate better learning, and improve outcomes.

The complexities of delivering special education care in today’s world often places student learning and independence at a disadvantage. Schools need solutions that will fill the gaps hybrid learning has created, deliver learning even when 1-on-1 care isn’t available, help instructors deliver exceptional services, and enable students to achieve outcomes faster. We can help.

Independent learning solutions.

Learning doesn’t have to stop when 1-on-1 instruction ends. Provide your students with self-guided, personalized learning solutions that reinforce, build upon, and accelerate the instruction they receive in the classroom.

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School-based ABA data collection.

In-classroom ABA solutions should be easy to use, allowing you to focus on delivering impactful and individualized instruction to each learner. Our data collection solutions are designed to complement and optimize your workflow -- not slow it down.

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Digital assessment for developmental disabilities.

Teachers don't have to struggle with IEP development and milestone tracking. Get a complete picture of student strengths and skills, then create an educational plan that parents, teachers, and administrators can get behind.

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Empower students to achieve skill mastery independently through a virtual, on-demand solution with ongoing support at their fingertips. avail® by CentralReach serves as a personal teaching assistant for students with varied learning needs, providing instructional content to help them confidently complete tasks and meet their goals at school, in the community, and at home.

avail - Provide learners personalized experiences

Provide learners with personalized, evidence-based interventions.

Using ABA methodologies, students receive personalized learning plans and can learn through repetition, built-in assessments, self-directed prompts, individual reports, and more.

avail - Enable providers

Enable teachers to easily meet instructional demands.

Teachers can easily create Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals utilizing avail® multimedia prompts or the library of common pre-made IEP goals available out-of-the-box for quick and compliant student learning and development.

avail - Achieve confidence and independence

Help learners achieve confidence and independence, faster.

Schools using avail® have reported that the platform reduces the need for one-to-one assistance, and enhances learning in the classroom and community by promoting student confidence and success through independence.

What are customers saying about avail®?

“In an era in which high quality web-based personalized learning solutions are urgently needed and hard to come by, avail® stands out for its accessibility and rich content in promoting student independence.” Dr. Anthony Giordano, Superintendent at Mansfield Township School District, New Jersey.

Enhance service delivery and empower instructors with easy-to-use tools.

Simplify ABA therapy in school settings and reduce teacher burnout with easy-to-use solutions designed for high-quality autism care. Whether you have BCBAs, RBTs, or teachers collecting data, Thread provides intuitive tools that make service delivery simple and effective. Thread by CentralReach enhances your special education services, develops best-in-class autism care programs, and improves student outcomes.


The preferred, parent-approved online assessment.

Target intervention plans based on student assessment results. School districts and educators attest to the value of the ABLLS-R assessment in WebABLLS. The online tool makes intervention planning, IEP milestone tracking, and reporting manageable and parent-friendly. Make a difference for learners with autism, language delays, or other developmental disabilities.

Clinical WebABLLS