Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of CentralReach?

CentralReach is an innovative, online software solution that helps to manage all aspects of running an efficient and successful therapy practice. There are three key benefits to partnering with CentralReach. First, with CentralReach you spend significantly less time on administrative tasks and more time helping more clients. Manually entering data, tracking information, and analyzing progress can take significant time and effort. CentralReach minimizes duplication of effort, streamlines workflows, and makes it easy to keep track of your data. Second, CentralReach is continuously innovating and offering new capabilities so that you can grow your practice and support clients better than ever before. For example, adding more ways to collect and analyze your data ensures that you have more time to spend with clients. Third, CentralReach provides excellent support to you and your team. We employ a team of clinicians, many with experience using CentralReach. This experience is key to ensuring their understanding of your needs as a professional.

How do I migrate over to CentralReach if I’m using another program?

Our Customer Success team provides implementation and ongoing support to help you make a smooth migration from your current system to CentralReach. We have in-depth experience helping our customers migrate from a variety of systems, and our team has special expertise in making the transition a smooth one.

How long does it take to implement CentralReach?

The timeline of implementation varies depending on what features and functionality you want as well as the size of the organization. For smaller organizations with a standard feature set, it’ll take a a few weeks. For larger organizations with more advanced features, it will take longer.

How much does CentralReach cost?

We work closely with you to determine the options that fit your practice needs, including your budget. You can request a quote here.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is secure with CentralReach. We have successfully passed the rigorous SOC 3 audit which represents one of the highest certifications a data center can obtain. This report is publicly available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will send you a copy. CentralReach is fully HIPAA compliant and allows access for both your employees and clients.

What support and services do you provide?

We provide support from your first day as a CentralReach customer to help you with the transition, and then ongoing support to ensure your success in using CentralReach. Our team of experts includes clinicians and technical experts, to provide timely and helpful assistance to you and your employees. Support is provided in a variety of manners, using our team of support personnel and highly trained subject matter experts. CentralReach support includes a comprehensive help section, support tickets, phone support, ongoing training, webinars, and onsite visits as needed. Our team is here to ensure your success, not only in using CentralReach, but in your business as a whole!