Analysis and Insights for a Healthier Practice
With all of the data collected within a practice management platform, how do you make sense of it all?

CentralReach has turnkey and customizable reports that make it easy to understand where to focus your efforts to optimize your organization. We have essential ready-to-go reports that you can run automatically to pinpoint strengths and gaps in your operations and financial health.


Key Performance Indicator Reports

How are you tracking against your KPI’s? Our Clinical Fulfillment Dashboard allows you to view authorization hours converted, pending, and remaining by month-to-date, past three months, and year-to-date. You’ll have a forward outlook on pending hours, remaining hours that are still needing to be filled, and your average converted hours. Then, you can take action on under-utilized clients and get them scheduled!

There’s also Clinical Fulfillment reporting by payor with converted hours for payors compared against unused authorized hours. You can make decisions on profitable payors and contact those with outstanding balances.


Supervision Report

Are your supervisors consistently meeting the required supervision requirements? Our Supervision Report allows you to review both worked and scheduled supervision hours by client so that you can determine if your supervisors are providing the minimum supervision based on individual funding and accreditation requirements. Save filters to easily track and prioritize your report and download.


Utilization Report

How do you know that your staff are being utilized as much as possible? Our Utilization Report shows the difference between the hours staff members have available and the hours each staff member has scheduled. Easily search for employees within a timeframe and identify our largest scheduling gaps in seconds.


Productivity Report

How much does each staff member contribute in terms of billable hours and profit? The Productivity Report compares billable, non-billable, and total hours worked for a given time frame. It also calculates employee pay, sales, and profit margins based on timesheets that were submitted so that you can clearly understand profitability by employee and pinpoint areas for opportunity.


Sales Report

Who are your top payors by sales? With our Sales Report, you can review hours worked, hours driven, charges, and copays for all of your payors and see the top five payors by hours worked and sales. Drill down by date for detailed analysis and determine where you have balances outstanding.

More Reports

There are additional reports for authorizations, audits, receivables, payroll, and clinical data. You can also build your own reports based on your specific needs or take an existing standard report and customize it.

Advanced Data Analysis with Amazon Redshift

For organizations that want advanced capabilities to run queries and use third-party business intelligence tools, Amazon Redshift is available. With Amazon Redshift, you can analyze your data using standard SQL and run complex analytic queries.