Move Clinical Decision-Making Closer the Point of Care

Precision software & CE coaching for ABA practices


Take hold of a clinical data collection system in which your staff has in-the-moment certainty to make evidence-based treatment decisions. CR PrecisionX™ aligns your staff in consistently measuring skills and behaviors based on underlying standards for treatment effectiveness. Clinicians will have the exact tools needed to transform developmental trajectories of your clients.

Improve skill acquisition and quickly identify the function of a maladaptive behavior with pristine data collection tools

Give clinicians at-a-glance understanding through actionable pictures of client data and progress on the Standard Celeration Chart

Meaningfully compare clinical progress and optimize programming with granular, universal metrics


See measurable improvement in even the most complex clinical cases

With fluency-based strategies and precision techniques, clinicians rapidly adapt programming for client success. CR PrecisionX provides staff with precision teaching tools that quickly build on foundational skills and transform the developmental trajectory of learners. Your staff will be fully engaged as behavior analysts, equipped with the knowledge they need to make in-the-moment treatment decisions that deliver top-quality care for your clients.

Coaching and continuing education to reach your clinical goals

Raise the level of staff satisfaction, improve communication about client treatment, and accelerate clinical outcomes with CR PrecisionX coaching. Our advisers carefully listen to your organization’s goals and provide differentiated learning paths. The online courses and coaching are worth 10+ CEUs for each BCBA involved.

With leaders in precision measurement including Rick Kubina, BCBA-D; Kerri Milyko, BCBA-D; Amy Evans, BCBA; Shelby Gundling, BCBA; and Neelam Kahn, BCBA, you are in good hands.