You already know ABA. Now, gain confidence in your interventions and clinical decisions. Discover techniques that help you clearly target, analyze, and change behavior with an engaging workshop on implementing Precision Teaching led by expert, Dr. Rick Kubina.

About the Workshop

This 2-day workshop is highly interactive. Led by Dr. Rick Kubina, BCBA-D (Director of Research, CentralReach and Professor of Special Education at Penn State University), the workshop will guide you through the steps of precision measurement and help you obtain superior ABA outcomes. You will learn evidence-based science and practical techniques that you can implement in your own ABA service delivery.

12 BACB Type 2 Continuing Education Units are available (professional tickets only)


12 BACB Type 2 Continuing Education Units are available



What You’ll Learn

Step 1: Pinpointing behavior

According to research, operational definitions (e.g., tantrum, noncompliance) can be difficult to detect and analyze. Practice transforming vague definitions into precise “pinpoints” that everyone on the behavior team can clearly detect, count, and record.

Step 2: Measuring behavior

Discover smart metrics for analyzing behavior. By measuring dimensional quantities and implementing some Precision Teaching techniques, you can maximize behavior analytic services for your learner.

Step 3: Analyzing data

Find out how easy it is to use the Standard Celeration Chart. Compare the difference between analyzing with trend and analyzing with celeration—which indicates exactly when a learner will reach their goal. Also, try out digital Chartlytics charts and see the decision-making difference!

Step 4: Implementing techniques

See Precision Teaching techniques in action. Look at examples and questions from clinical, school-based, and home settings. Plus, begin a plan for your clients.

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Dr. Rick Kubina Biography

Dr. Rick Kubina BACB-D (Director of Research at CentralReach and Co-Founder of Chartlytics) is a Professor of Special Education at The Pennsylvania State University and teaches courses on methods for teaching reading, informal assessment, behavior analysis, and single case design. Dr. Kubina conducts wide-ranging research in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis, Precision Teaching, and graphical display of data. He serves on a number of editorial boards for behavioral and special education journals.