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Courses & Trainings All at Your Fingertips.

Adding credentials, keeping up with CEUs, or learning new skills is affordable and easy with the CentralReach Marketplace. The Marketplace is an online clinical knowledge and resource center for healthcare professionals and caregivers with free and paid content, engaging courses, and curriculum from qualified providers.

Our curriculum database also allows for multi-use and customization across clients. From RBT certification courses to custom employee training, the Marketplace provides a flexible path to accelerate careers and improve practices.

Complete Integration into CentralReach

The Marketplace is integrated into our Learning Management System (LMS) so that you can find courses in the Marketplace and with two clicks, assign them to individuals via the LMS and track course progress and test scores.

Clinical resources, such as goal banks and VB-MAPP, can be purchased and accessed online within seconds.

Affordable Subscription-based Learning

Course Groups allow practices to sign up for a monthly subscription of seats for either RBT course or unlimited CEUs for BCBA’s. The term “seats” refers to the number of employees who are able to access courses at any given time.

For example, if an organization signs up for 5 “seats” per month, that means that they are able to move as many employees as they would like in and out of those seats during the month.

We had used another course provider before, and I think it was fine but it was much more expensive. Since we were already using CentralReach, economically it made sense to do Obigobi’s RBT course on the Marketplace.
Dr. Catherine Simms, the Owner and CEO of Florida Child

Become a Marketplace Vendor

The Marketplace is also a prime opportunity to share and capitalize on knowledge. Qualified candidates can become approved sellers with a painless qualification process that takes less than a week.

You can create courses with the CentralReach LMS and be up and running in the Marketplace to promote your offerings and reach thousands of clinicians.

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