Mapy Chavez Askins

Mapy Chavez Askins, Ph.D, CABAS®, BCBA-D, BCAP, ACAS, BCTS

Founder and CEO of Alcanzando Inc.

Dr. Chavez Askins, founder and CEO of Alcanzando Inc., is a CABAS® Board Certified Assistant Research Scientist, and a Board Certified International Behavior Analyst.  Dr. Chavez Askins holds a Ph.D in Applied Behavior Analysis and the Education of Children in the Autism Spectrum from Columbia University (New York City). She has spent the last 27 years studying, working and conducting research in the autism field, focusing mainly in the use of applied behavior analysis in the education of children with autism. Her research studies include the development of vocal language in children with autism, language acquisition, social skills instruction, the development of perspective talking skills, the quality of teacher instruction, and the education of parents and professionals. Results from her research studies have been published in numerous journals, as well as presented at conferences throughout the world, among them: the Annual Convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis, the International Conference of the Association of Behavior Analysis, and the Mexican Congress of Behavior Analysis.