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School and Therapy Coming Together
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The Technology You Need to Take Your Care from the Clinic to the School

School therapy tools to care for kids in the classroom just as well as the clinic. Utilize CentralReach to keep scheduling, attendance reports and school contracts streamlined and organized. School billing made easy thanks to customizable codes you can track and manage.

Integrated Scheduling Views Connects Your School

Simply Organize Your Appointments

Our schedule grid lets you customize the appointment types by location, client, staff member, or any custom view you choose.

Customize Scheduling by Schools or Districts

We provide your practice an easier way to service multiple schools and districts through scheduling integration and views that keep everything organized.

Billing For School Visits Made Easy

Codes Apply to billing for School or Home Appointments

Simply separate your billing needs by appointment types with customizable codes that you can manage. Track your school billing process within the same system as the rest of your practice.

The Complexity of School Contracts is Removed

WIth a billing process linked to scheduling and activated with every appointment, track every detail of a school contract with our customizable software.

Reporting Built For the Patient and the School

Attendance Reports Keep Your Visits Organized

Care for multiple kids and easily align the kids with the schedule thanks to our Attendance Reports. Match your Attendance Reports to your contacts to track commitment and progress.

Track an Entire Classroom with One System

With customizable data collection tools, a full classroom of students can be graphed and tracked from our system in one visit.

HIPAA-Compliant Document Management

A Properly Integrated System for Proper Compliance

Our system is HIPAA compliant to allow every appointment you process to be submitted properly. We provide ease of mind by taking out any guesswork with your HIPAA compliance.

Easy Document Uploading and Integration

Keep all school-necessary documentation in one place with our document uploading capabilities. Need to update your documents? No problem. Utilize our system to customize all the document your practice needs.

Goal & Curriculum Library

Document Creation and Sharing Made Simple

In CentralReach, users can create goals, documents and company specific curriculum and share with their team in a secure library. We provide library templates to quickly create your client’s Program Book for use in the clinic or in the school.

The CentralReach Marketplace has CEUs, Curriculum and More

From continuing education to RBT courses and more, our Marketplace is the place to go to allow your staff and your practice to stay up to date and allow advancement on curriculum in the ABA industry.

Custom Program Books

Specialize Each Program Book to Each Patient

Each patient is unique and requires a specific plan for care. Each patient has their own digital Program Book you can customize to fit their needs and help them reach their goals.

Sharing Information is Simple and Effective

In the school, the home or the office, share your Program Books with anyone that needs access. Every person who needs to know progress and apply learnings is in the know with CentralReach.

Interactive Data Sheet Builder

Tools You Need to Provide Great Care

Our Data Sheets allow you to customize the way you chart and analyze graphs digitally. Our system is built to fit the needs of your patients and your practice both in the office and in the field.

Take Time Out of Charts and Graphs

CentralReach “sessions” are customizable data sheets that allow your staff to personalize for each client, and cutting time after the appointment is over. Data sheets update automatically when items are met, when phases change or when new prompts are prescribed.