Human Resources

Simple Solutions to Manage Your Workforce

Basic Workforce Management Solutions

Tools to Track People & Assets

Add easy-to-use HR features to integrate time-off policies, employee benefits, and device management into your CentralReach experience. Establish policies and gain visibility on calendars and straightforward reports.

Request Time Off

Smart, Simple and Integrated

Our Time-Off management toolkit allows your staff to easily request and track their time off while making it effortless for your HR department to accept, deny and manage organizational time off requests with one click. Calendars and reports are generated automatically so HR and staff are always on the same page with time accrued and used.

Time off

Asset Tracking

Stay on Top of Organizational Assets

Easily track all company assets from phones to laptops and software licenses. Understand their original value and know who has which company-owned assets. Know what therapists prefer to use and track where you get the best return for your investments. Be proactive in how you manage staff with a human resources system integrated into your practice management and clinical data collection software you already use. One login for all you need to grow your practice and retain and manage your staff.

Human Resources