Clinical Documentation

Simplify your sessions and client treatment plans with an easy-to-use documentation system

Customizable Session Notes

Easily and securely create unlimited custom treatment plans, progress reports, behavior intervention plans and assessments all within one system. Our Notes & Forms are completely customizable to meet your client’s needs, as well as your unique payor source needs. You’ll be able to minimize manual entries by creating reusable templates that automatically generate client and provider information, background information, appointment details and clinical data into your documents.

Clinical Data & Graphs

Clinical data and custom graphs can be automatically entered into every session note, in real-time, making progress reports, initial evaluations, and assessments quick and easy.

Reporting & Tracking Client Goals

Easily create Plan-of-Care (POCs) documents and session notes in an easy to navigate online system where you can dynamically create goals, select goals from a library and add scores directly within the session’s note.

Links to Service Codes & Timesheet Conversion

With CentralReach, you’ll be able to connect session notes to service codes and timesheets, which then seamlessly integrates into our invoicing and billing systems, streamlining the claims and payroll processes to ensure all clinical documentation required is present when converting billable hours.

Insurance Templates

Our library of templates includes the most standard insurance provider forms to help you get started with your clinical notation on day one of using CentralReach. You’ll be able to easily copy these templates and edit them for your own practice use, simplifying your custom form creation process.