Client/Parent Portal

A Secure Digital Gateway For Your Clients


In Billing, client’s will have access to unpaid and paid invoices, including insurance invoices as well as patient responsibility invoices and provider Timesheets. Clients can easily preview, download and pay their invoices, save credit card information for future invoices, as well as electronically sign Timesheets once a session has ended.


Parents or clients will have access to all documents uploaded to their account and enabled for them to view, such as session notes & forms, medical reports, insurance authorizations, videos, photos and more. The documents can be uploaded by the client or can be shared by providers. Clients are also able to share documents with providers and staff they are connected to within the Portal.

Client Access Online. Anytime. Anywhere

With CentralReach’s Client Portal, parents and clients are able to view appointments, session notes and program books. They’ll be able to access their documents, messages, invoices and electronically provide their signatures on timesheets as well as viewing data collection results all in real time! With a secure billing system, your clients will be able to make payments directly within the Portal, ensuring you keep track of paid and unpaid invoices.

Appointments and Schedules

Parents or clients will be able to easily access their own scheduled appointments. Appointments displayed in the clients’ calendars are managed by the organization so that only appointments approved for the client to view are shown in their schedule.

Program Books

You’ll be able to provide your clients with access to their program books and sessions. If the client is collecting data, they’ll be able to record clinical data anytime and anywhere, by easily accessing their sessions and data sheets via the Portal.

Team Collaboration

For quick and easy parent/client collaboration, organizations will be able to assign a directory of staff members to clients that includes provider contact information. Providers and clients will be able to securely message one another through CentralReach’s HIPAA-Compliant internal email messaging system through their assigned staff directory.