CR ScheduleAI™: ABA scheduling just got easier.

Algorithm-powered ABA scheduling software designed to maximize service hours, enable growth, and increase scheduling productivity, in real-time.

CR ScheduleAI

Eliminate ABA scheduling challenges with automation.

Spending weeks building schedules, swapping therapists to account for last minute call outs and cancellations, and watching turnover climb when technicians’ expected weekly hours aren’t being met? The days of painful, inefficient ABA scheduling are long gone. ABA schedulers can create complex schedules in a few clicks, automatically accounting for drive time, authorized service hours, client and technician availability, and more, with CR ScheduleAI. Adding groundbreaking efficiency to your ABA scheduling process will set your practice up for success across all areas of your business - from hiring and retaining staff to meeting growing demands for service and shortening client waitlists.

Hidden costs of bad ABA Scheduling

The hidden costs of bad ABA scheduling.

Learn how scheduling inefficiencies can negatively impact your business.

Increase productivity.

The fully-integrated ABA scheduling software automates and expedites end-to-end scheduling processes by matching therapists to clients without complex spreadsheets.

Reduce drive time.

Time spent in the car is time that could be spent with a client. The CentralReach scheduling algorithm accounts for distance and drive time, so staff won’t have to.

Schedule smarter.

Optimize schedules with the click of a button, allowing teams to maintain their schedules in times of growth or change without additional overhead.

Maximize authorizations.

Optimize schedules to provide revenue-generating client care by automatically accounting for hours remaining on authorizations.

Stay compliant.

Integrated with CentralReach’s HIPAA-compliant platform, sensitive client and provider information is protected from potential security breaches.

Increase retention.

Insight into therapist availability, paired with scheduling automation, will ensure providers will work the number of hours they were promised, with sensible drive times.